Zebco 808 Saltwater Fishing Reel with MH Fishing Rod Review


Manufactured by Zebco and backed by a limited warranty, it’s easy to see why this is often considered the best saltwater fishing rod and reel combo.

The medium to heavy action rod is designed to be durable and well balanced, and strong enough to handle powerful saltwater fish.

You will appreciate the smooth performance capabilities of the spincast reel, along with its durable construction.

Designed to be easy and comfortable to handle, this top rated combo is a favorite with professional and amateur anglers.

As an added bonus the spool is already wrapped with line so you can immediately start fishing right out of the box.



Some consumers have complained about its performance in and around surf, but it should be noted that this rod and reel combo is not designed for that type of fishing.

It should be mentioned that the 808 is a large reel and might be to be too big for smaller children to comfortably use. 

2.Zebco 808 Saltwater


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Durable construction

Zebco is well known for its top performing rods and reels, and this saltwater combo is no exception. It features a durable construction that is ideal for use in fresh and saltwater, though it should be mentioned that this combo is not the best choice for surf fishing. The rod and reel are durable and well balanced which is always an advantage, and you will also appreciate knowing that the combo is backed by Zebco’s one year limited warranty.


Convenient 2-piece design

The rod is rated for medium to heavy action which lets you cast for a variety of salt and freshwater fish. The 7 foot rod has the length you need to cast off the side of a boat and can be easily broken down into 2 pieces for convenient storage. This also makes it easier to pack the rod with the rest of your gear, so you can always have it with you. Its heavier construction ensures that the rod won’t break when you are reeling in larger game fish, and it is also well balanced for comfortable handling.

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Reliable performance

Zebco has been manufacturing quality reels since 1953, and the 808 lives up to its expectations. Its larger size is capable of holding heavier line so you can easily go after the “big” fish. The metal construction is resistant to the rust and corrosion commonly caused by saltwater, and you will love how smoothly it casts and retrieves. The ball bearing ensures a reliable performance, and the 2:1 gear ratio provides you with plenty of power without sacrificing any speed. This spincast reel also makes an audible noise whenever you adjust the drag system.


Comfortable to hold for hours on end

One of the main advantages of this rod and reel combo is how comfortable and easy it is to handle. This also helps to make it a favorite with beginners and experienced anglers. The padded grip provides plenty of comfort and prevents the rod from slipping out of wet hands, and accurate casts are easy with its well balanced design. While the rod is heavier than similar models, it is still comfortable to hold for long periods of time.

1.Zebco 808 Saltwater


A winner in terms of versatility

All you have to do to start fishing with this rod and reel is to attach your favorite lure. The two piece rod easily snaps together, and the reel simply slides into the seat. The large spincast reel is also pre-wrapped with 150 yards of 20 pound line which is strong enough to bring in bass, sea trout and other medium to heavy size fish. With what is termed “true saltwater” protection, this rod and reel from Zebco is basically ready to go right out of the box.



With just one cast it is easy to see why Zebco has been a popular manufacturer of rods and reels for salt and freshwater fishing for over 50 years. The durable rod is constructed from strong materials, and is medium heavy design makes it a great choice when you are chasing larger fish. What really makes this fishing gear combo stand out is the 808 spincast reel, which is capable of providing you with a powerful and smooth performance. The 2:1 gear system gives you the power and speed you need for fresh and saltwater fish, while the ball bearing ensures that every cast and retrieval is fast and smooth. Backed by a manufacturer’s warranty and priced to fit most budgets, this great looking rod and reel might be exactly what you need to make your next fishing trip a success.


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