The Vexilar FL-8se Genz Pack is the best ice fish finder due to its built-in Ice-Ducer transducer.

The unit utilizes extra-bright LED technology for problem-free viewing even in the sunlight.

This ice flasher provides target ID of down to 1 inch.

The device has six depth ranges in all.

The Vexilar FL-8se Genz Pack has been geared with exceptional battery life.

Some users found that in snowy conditions the screen seems to trap snow inside the mounting because of the design, thus making it hard to read. This does not however mean that the unit is poorly constructed.


Our Review


Equipped with a super-bright LED technology

The built-in Ice Ducer transducer lets you see better detail on this best fish finder from Vexilar. Serving as the primary unit that transmits and receives sonar waves, the transducer sends the sonar signal into the water, and the signals bounce off of underwater objects then get picked up again by the transducer. The signal is accepted as data by the transducer, which is translated into an image that the operator can view and understand.

The unit has been outfitted with super-bright LED technology that enables easy viewing even in direct sunlight. This means you can enjoy summer days out in the water just waiting for the fish to bite. With the LED technology, you can view what structures and fish are underneath so you can position your boat in a prime location where the fish frequently “hang out.” Become the legendary angler everyone talks about by optimizing this ice flasher/fish finder to get the fish you want. The Vexilar FL-8se is not just a depth finder, it finds fish as well!

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User-friendly representation of targets

The Vexilar FL-8se ice flasher is enhanced with the fishing equipment manufacturer’s renowned three-color sonar flasher targets, so you can distinguish between strong targets (red), medium (orange) and weak (green) ones, which allows you to get either narrower, detailed views or broader, more general views. Smaller fish are represented as light green lines, medium-sized fish turn up as yellow/orange lines and larger targets are seen as red lines. Offering 525 segments of resolution, the ice flasher allows you to perceive greater detail under your boat. The unit also has 10 interference rejection settings, so you won’t have to worry about distorted or garbled signals from other fish finders or portable electronic devices.


Six depth ratings

Offering six depth ranges, the Vexilar FL-8se ice flasher is a terrific, year-round fishing device to own. Made virtually indestructible by ice fishing legend Dave Genz, the device ships completely assembled and ready to fish. The six depth settings satisfy everything from deep waters to shallow lakes. The Gain Control adjusts the brightness of the display. The Vexilar allows you to view the entire depth range, not just one.


7-amp battery complete with a charger

The device is ready to fish with the 12-volt, 7-amp battery with charger. It is ready to accommodate a variety of Vexilar accessories including a battery status indicator so you can keep track of the battery life. The easy-access, semi-enclosed battery compartment comes with a two-year warranty, while the battery itself has a one-year warranty, serving as your assurance of dependable quality and service.



Shipped to you completely assembled, the Vexilar FL-8se ice flasher has a built-in Ice-Ducer transducer that provides depth readings as well as Target ID so you’ll know whether there’s big, small or medium fish underneath your water craft. The Super-bright LED light technology enables easy viewing even in direct sunlight.


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