The sleek construction of these sunglasses makes them a fine choice for anyone who wants to look great while chasing for fish.

The polarized lenses on these sunglasses are superior in many ways to the competition; natural colors are enhanced so you can observe more details when you are fishing.

These sunglasses are very resistant, and you will not have to worry that they will scratch or break, which often happens to this piece of fishing gear.

The amber tinted lenses are designed to block excessive light, so you can cast your line without any impediments.

These sunglasses are said to be associated with bass fishing, due to their special design, as well as the manufacturer’s association with this type of fishing.

One reviewer mentions that the ear straps can be a tad too sharp, and the solution is to use some silicone tape to make them more manageable.

Other users say that the sunglasses are a bit tight, so they may not be the most comfortable for anyone.

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The frame is flexible and comfortable

The Strike King Strike King Plus sports a very stylish appearance, so you will feel great when wearing them, whether you are fishing or you are involved in other types of activities. Many people prefer getting a pair of fishing sunglasses that look good in other setups, as well, because they do not want to invest in two different pairs. Because the frame is flexible and easy to wear, you will find yourself wearing these sunglasses all day long, without experiencing any discomfort.

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Polarized lenses

The polarized lenses these sunglasses come equipped with are there for more reason than one. For instance, if you are looking for a good quality pair, you should get this one, because they manage to enhance the natural colors, while providing you more detailed image, so you can clearly see the fish.

The lenses are made of a material that is resistant to scratches, but they also behave well against cracks and breaks. All in all, these sunglasses are made for long time usage, and they will not let you down anytime soon. You should know that the manufacturer is testing each individual pair for durability, so you can rest assured that you are getting nothing but the best.


Reduced glare enables you to fish in rivers and streams

If you opt for the amber tinted version, you will be impressed with their performance for fishing in streams and rivers. Excessive light can be a problem in such setups when you are casting your line, and these sunglasses manage to block it, so you can increase your performance.

In case you are into bass fishing, you should know that these glasses are ideal for this activity. Even more, the manufacturer is renowned for being involved with bass fishing and that should count for something.



The Strike King Strike King Plus is a model of sunglasses you can use for fishing, as well as everyday wear. Comfortable and stylish, they are very dependable and their lenses can help you improve your performance and results as an angler.


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