The Redington I/O Fleece Pants provide the perfect pairing with waders, as they provide the warmth you need when wading to catch that elusive fish no matter what type of angling you do.

The pants carry an impressive construction that makes full use of insulation in fabric, so you can stay out in the water longer.

The pants offer a durable piece of apparel that is affordable and delivers a perfect fit, so you won’t feel bogged down by what you are wearing and just focus on the task at hand.

The fishing pants are proven to be extra comfortable so you can layer them with other items of clothing without worrying about getting weighed down.

The revolutionary fabric is characterized by non-pilling quality, which means it won’t develop those annoying balls of tangled fibers that pop out of nowhere on inferior fabrics when they rub against themselves or other materials.

Some users have noted that the stirrups on the pants are quite difficult to get on and off, perhaps because there isn’t much elastic material used in that area. This is a common complaint that should easily go away with time as you continue to use the fleece pants.

One or two users have observed that the pants run a bit long, so it is essential to ascertain the size you need before ordering to ensure you can get the right fit for these fleece pants.


Our Review

Truly the perfect warm fleece pants, the Redington IO is a necessary piece of garment you must wear when wading in cold weather. What makes this product the best fishing pants on the market is its ability to help warm your core while ensuring that you stay dry while wading. The pants help wick away moisture from the body and boast impressive design features made for angling. They are recommended for use in fly fishing, spring time trout fishing, freshwater fishing, and in cold weather, too. They keep your mind on the casting task and not on the chills.


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Made with an elastic waistband with drawstring, these pants offer convenience to the active angler. Designed with a number of good pockets and impressive chilly weather performance, the fleece pants come with two front on-seam pockets plus a back zip security pocket so you can bring along the necessary fishing tackle and not have to go back to shore to fetch new ones every now and then. The zippered fly ensures that body heat is kept in and that getting into the pants is quite effortless. The lycra stirrups ensure that the pants stay down in your boots and waders, so they do not ride up with every move you make.

Definitely the good boy’s answer to insulation, the pants have solid seams and a high quality that ensure lasting use. The pants allow your skin to breathe underneath despite their solid construction and seams. The material is resistant to the damage caused by prolonged water exposure as well as abrasion.

Do fishing confidently in chilly weather with this comfortable pair of fishing pants. They offer reliable insulation so you won’t suffer from the cold when you have to fish while in the water. The material dries quickly so you won’t be stuck in the water with really wet clothes. You’ll love how you get a snug fit with the stirrups on the pants that keep them enclosed in your wading boots or waders.

Made of no-pill fleece fabric, the pants boast high quality. The 280 gram non-pilling redline fleece material holds up longer than ordinary fabric. It will not require removal of formed pills using a pumice stone or razor blade, which will remove a layer of the fabric but will also mean the material thins out considerably. Save money on the long run with the premium no-pill fabric.



You’ll love wading in cold weather while wearing these impressive fleece pants. Constructed of high quality fleece material and all the elements you need such as pockets and stirrups, the fleece pants keep you warm even when you have to be in the water for prolonged periods.


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