Extending to almost ten feet according to some users, the Piscifun Telescopic Travel Spinning Fishing Rod can accommodate lure weights between ¾ and 1.5 oz. Delivering medium power, this fishing rod is extremely strong. It is equipped to be used with line weights of 4 to 12 pounds test. This makes the fishing rod ideal for use to catch walleye, larger black bass and channel catfish.


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The Rod: Construction and Materials

The carbon fiber telescoping pole provides that necessary stiff backbone that has the weight for fishing in deep water or heavy cover, where weight and sensitivity should come together impressively. It delivers ideal elasticity while offering strength and durability.

Well-balanced and easy to use, this fishing rod features carbon fiber or graphite composite construction, which makes it faster acting, helping it load, unload and go back to a neutral position at a quicker rate and with reduced wobbling compared to a rod made of fiberglass. This is especially fantastic when you have to do fly casting because less wobbling will mean more S-curves thrown into the fishing line. The graphite composite rod also delivers greater power and more snap even when the angler uses the same amount of effort as when wielding a purely fiberglass rod.

This graphite composite rod is made durable and strong, incorporating the strengths of carbon fiber and fiberglass. It is made sensitive so the angler can feel even the tiniest vibrations experienced on the lure.

The telescopic design of this fishing rod makes it easy to store and carry. The small storage slot on the bottom of the pole simplifies portability.

The EVA fore grip makes the rod resilient to wear and tear, even when placed for a long time in a rod holder or beach spike. The material used to construct this rod’s handle also enables easy cleaning using detergent when the grip has accumulated fish oil, protein or slime due to the conditions in which it is used. The EVA fore grip also enables comfortable yet secure holding.

The hooded reel seats are made of stainless steel, making this the best telescopic fishing rod that can be paired with a high quality fishing reel of your choice. The stainless steel construction of the reel seat makes the component resilient against chipping and corrosion, ensuring durability for years of use. The reel seats can withstand exposure to saltwater and will not deteriorate in quality.

The aluminum oxide guide inserts offer fantastic performance to ensure distant and smooth casting without breaking the fishing line. The guide inserts ensure reduced friction against the fishing line so it can take all the pressure due to a strong fighting fish caught on the end of the fish hook. The guides are double footed, enabling them to provide greater strength, so they are ideal for bass casting and catching of large game fish.

Strong and durable, the rod features 7 guides plus one tip top, which ensure that the fishing line stays nice and flat along the shaft so it won’t get tangled or broken easily. The guides ensure smooth carrying of the line so it won’t get ruined by excessive pressure. They keep the rod and the line away from each other so the line slides on a really smooth surface. This enhances the angler’s ability to execute the cast. The inserts provide a smooth surface inside the rings through which the line can move with minimal friction. It is this friction that creates heat, which can damage the fishing line itself. The inserts will also ensure that the line will take less abuse, directing the line to the target so the bass you are targeting can be reached.

The guides also contribute to the casting distance and sensitivity of the rod. Their lightweight construction coupled with high quality offer effective transmission of vibrations to the angler’s hand. The guides are evenly distributed along the length of the rod, so the sensitivity is consistent over the shaft.

Great for travel fishing, the Piscifun Telescopic Travel Spinning Fishing Rod has a collapsed length of only 16 inches, which facilitates easy storing in a travel suitcase or backpack. The included tip cap ensures that the rod can be placed easily along with other fishing gear without the risk of getting the tip and the inserts broken during transit. The rod can be extended to multiple lengths so the angler can select which length is useful for any application.

This telescopic fishing rod employs premium fishing pole design and engineering to provide an enjoyable angling experience and ensure dependable performance without sacrificing quality and affordability. It won’t weigh the angler down with unnecessary components while ensuring performance that is at par with that from a full-size fishing rod.


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