While this jacket is priced a little higher it comes with a “3 season” design that ensures it is good value for your money.

It is designed to be durable and comfortable to wear when you are out on the ice, and will keep you warm in the harshest weather.

Touted as the “first 3-in-1” jacket designed specifically for ice fishing, it even comes with a convenient flotation feature.

You will appreciate its functional design almost as much as its ability to keep you warm in cold, wet and windy weather.

There are been occasional mentions about the price, but it should be noted that its durable construction and ability to be worn in every season except summer does make the Striker Ice Predator a good value for any serious angler.

Like many cold weather fishing jackets it can run a little small, but this minor issue is easily resolved simply by ordering one in a larger size. This also allows you to wear layers underneath and still be able to comfortably move your arms.


Our Review


It is not often that you find an ice fishing jacket that can be worn in three out of the four seasons, but thanks to the removable tricot lining you can easily wear the Striker Ice Predator in almost any weather. The comfortable lining will keep you warm during the cold and windy winter months, and when the temperature starts to rise it can simply be removed. The outer shell is designed to be breathable so you can stay warm without overheating.

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The durable synthetic material is designed to withstand the rigors of ice fishing, and this is one of the many reasons this jacket is worth the slightly higher price. The seams are 100 percent tapered to ensure that wind and water doesn’t get inside, and you also have the advantage of the soft removeable lining. For added protection from the cold the material has the benefit of the 360 degree reflective feature which helps body heat stay inside the jacket so you can continue to work outside comfortably. Since you won’t have to take as many breaks from the cold you won’t have to worry about missing a bite on your line.

This jacket is advertised as the first “3-in-1” jacket designed for ice fishing, which means you can stay warm and comfortable in almost any weather. The outer shell can be worn separately in warmer weather, and when the temperature starts to drop simply re-attach the soft lining to the inside of the jacket. As an added bonus this ice fishing jacket also comes with a convenient flotation feature.

Not only will you stay warm and dry with this ice fishing jacket, it is also designed to be functional. There are literally pockets all over the jacket so you can easily keep essential items conveniently close at hand. The zippered pockets are ideal for holding valuables that you don’t want to lose on the ice, and there are also compartments with velcro closures so you can quickly grab a lure or a pair of pliers.


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