Often considered the best saltwater reel, it comes with a lightweight and durable construction that is backed by a limited warranty.

This baitcasting reel features a versatile design that can be used to catch a variety of fish.

You will appreciate how smoothly and efficiently this saltwater reel performs, especially when you are bringing in larger fish.

With the anti reverse handle and automatic tension, you are less likely to lose a biting fish.

Not only does this reel include everything you need for saltwater fishing, it also comes at an extremely affordable price.

While this fishing reel is designed for use in saltwater, it should be noted that it does need to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent rust and corrosion.

Some consumers have mentioned that the rotor can become loose after time, and while this will affect the reel’s performance the small screw can be easily tightened.


Our Review


Reliable graphite body

If you are planning on using a reel for saltwater fishing, you want it to come with a durable construction. This baitcasting reel features a sturdy graphite body that is resistant to rust and corrosion. The spools are constructed from machined aluminum to ensure a lightweight design, and the stainless steel bail wire is also resistant to corrosion from saltwater. Designed to withstand the rigors of saltwater fishing without any problems, you will also appreciate the added confidence you get with the included one year warranty.

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A versatile design

One of the main advantages of this reel is its versatile design that lets you use it for salt and fresh water fishing. The reel combines the characteristics of spinning and baitcasting models, so you can easily use it almost anywhere. When the rotating spool is engaged you have more precise control over the line, and a simple flip of the switch easily turns it into a baitcasting reel that will let your catch run with the bait until you are ready to bring it in.


Smooth performance

You will love how smoothly and efficiently this saltwater reel performs. It features 6 stainless steel ball bearings that ensure a smooth cast and retrieval, and the multiple disc drag washers are oiled to enhance performance. The drag system is also sealed with a waterproof gasket to help prolong the life of the washers. The main drag can be easily switched on with the convenient rear lever, and you will appreciate the added control you get from the rear drag system when you need to quickly adjust line tension for larger biting fish.


Stainless steel bearings

Almost every fishing expert will remind you that one of the most important features to look for on a saltwater reel is an anti reverse handle. Not only does this help prevent the line from snarling, it also helps to ensure the hook is securely set in the biting fish. The durable stainless steel bearings in this reel allow it to only move in one direction, and you will appreciate being able to feel the anti reverse mechanism engage in the handle when the fish is hooked. As an added advantage the tension in the line will automatically begin to adjust when you start reeling the fish in.


Excellent value for the price

This saltwater reel features a versatile design and durable construction that is hard to believe due to its extremely affordable price. It is capable of providing you with a smooth and efficient performance in fresh and salt water, and it is priced lower than many similar models. Along with being budget friendly this reel also includes an extra spool. Constructed from graphite, the additional spool ensures that you are always ready to catch the big fish.



Saltwater fishing is exciting, invigorating and fun, as long as you have the right equipment. This lightweight and durable reel has the advantage of being designed for fresh and salt water fishing, and it comes at an affordable price. The strong graphite construction is resistant to rust and corrosion that can ruin other reels, and it is sturdy enough to bring in larger fighting fish. It is also small enough to be used comfortably on fresh water, and you will love being able to easily switch between the main and rear drag. This saltwater reel will give you the performance you need to make accurate casts and smooth retrievals, and give you complete control over the line so you can let  larger fish run with the bait, or quickly set the hook to bring your catch in.


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