Master Sportsman Alpine Fishing Vest Review

Last Updated: 05.08.20


With 27 pockets, including two in the back, you can easily carrying all of the gear you need for a full day of fly fishing.

This fishing vest from Alpine comes with a durable and lightweight construction that is comfortable to wear.

Not only do you have plenty of pockets on the front and back of the vest, but it also comes with a convenient rod holder.

You will love how easy this vest is to care for, especially after spending a long day in the stream casting for trout.



There have been mentions that this fishing vest from Alpine might run a little small, but this problem with comfort can be easily resolved simply by ordering one in a larger size.

On occasion a vest can arrive with a damaged zipper and while this is inconvenient it does not take away from the overall value and quality since Alpine is more than happy to replace any product with a manufacturing defect. 

1.Prestige Alpine Fishing Vest


Our Review


Features 27 pockets

One of the main reasons this fishing vest from Alpine continues to receive four and five-star ratings in Amazon reviews is due to its numerous pockets. There are 27 pockets on the vest located on the front, back and on the inside. Small velcro fasteners keep the inside pockets tightly closed, and the outer ones come with durable zippers. There is a pocket designed specifically for your pliers, and you can easily store reels or even a light raincoat in the large ones on the back.

Buy from for ($38.08)


Both comfortable and lightweight

When you are trying to cast a fly fishing rod the last thing you want is to have your movements restricted by your clothing, and that is not a problem with this lightweight and comfortable fishing vest. It is constructed from a blend of cotton and polyester to ensure comfort and durability. It also comes with a polyester lining that can provide you with a little protection from the cool morning air. Since the material is breathable, you will even stay comfortable during the heat of the day. There is also a neoprene collar for added comfort, along with mesh webbing and a front zipping closure.

If the pockets are not enough to impress you this fishing vest also comes with a rod holder which can help prevent arm fatigue, while also making it a little easier to tie a fly on the end of the line. The vest even comes with a convenient D-ring so you can keep your net close by, while still being out of the way of your line.



Easy cleaning and maintenance

Even if the fishing trip is not successful chances are your clothes need to be cleaned, and the last thing you want to do after a long day is spend time hand washing your fishing vest. The Prestige is designed to be extremely easy to clean, simply toss it in the washing machine. The lightweight material dries quickly on the line, and will be ready to go whenever you are.


Buy from for ($38.08)




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