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8 Best Freshwater Fishing Locations

Freshwater fishing is exciting in its own way, and, as long as you combine your adventure with visiting a magnificent place where you get to enjoy beautiful landscapes and amazing flora and fauna, you will know you hit the jackpot. Here is a short list of the best freshwater fishing spots in the whole wide world. No matter which one you pick for your next fishing adventure, you will not be disappointed.   Amazon River – home to the largest peacock bass Brazil is a fascinating country, renowned worldwide for its particular ecosystem. The heart of the country is the Amazon River, a place rich in aquatic life that is unequal across the globe. Arapaima is a fish species that occupy second place on a top of the largest freshwater fish. As you may well expect, there are plenty of exotic fish here, and that is why so many anglers jot down the Amazon River as one of the top destinations for saltwater fishing. Peacock bass is at home here, and you may have a real chance at catching one if you pick your time right. This you will find the largest specimens of the species, although the fish is popular to the entire South America. Make sure you bring the right equipment with you. The high energetic fish swimming in these waters are not exactly easy to catch,...

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7 Best Shark Fishing Spots in the U.S.

What can equal in excitement and challenge fishing for a shark in dangerous waters? Any seasoned angler can tell you that there is no more thrilling adventure than trying to get a hold of such a fish. In the US, there are many interesting places where you can head over and hunt down sharks. If you want to know more about the best shark fishing spots in the U.S., check out the following list of destinations.   Florida – Home to a large variety of shark Not all sharks are the same, and if you are passionate about catching various specimens, you will certainly want to head over to Florida, one of the most beautiful locations for catching this type of fish. Anglers here can tell you that you may never suspect what kind of shark you are going to catch, and that is part of the excitement. In Florida, you will find the largest number of sharks, which is why many fishers come here, in the hope that they will manage to catch at least one. The large variety thriving here makes this place unique in the US, and a prime destination for shark fishing. Another thing that makes anglers so thrilled with shark fishing in Florida is that you can just engage in fishing adventures all along the coast. There is no such thing as a sweet...

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7 Best Fishing Spots in Pittsburgh

  Pittsburgh may not sound like such a glorious destination for anglers, but there are many hidden spots here that will convince you otherwise. There is a diverse aquatic life thriving in the waters here, and you will also appreciate how family friendly the area is. For both beginners and seasoned anglers, this place has something to offer. Here are the best fishing spots in Pittsburgh that should be on your list.   Cross Creek Lake, Washington County One thing that anglers might hate more than anything in the whole wide world is having to fight crowds while they are trying to drop a line. There is no reason for you to encounter such troubles if you choose Cross Creek Lake in Washington County as your destination for fishing in Pittsburgh. The low key atmosphere is not the only excellent thing about this location, though. You will find the scenery beautiful and calming, and here you will be able to enjoy some amazing bass fishing opportunities. Anywhere from Hickory to Avella, you will find plenty of great spots for catching bass. Another great thing about this destination is that it caters to fishers, making your vacation even more comfortable. The boat ramp is paved and easy to access, and you will find plenty of public docks from where you can embark on your fishing adventure. Also, the pier is...

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7 Best Fishing Locations in British Columbia

  British Columbia is famous as the capital of salmon fishing, and that title may not be far off the mark. Besides salmon, here you will find other species of fish worth catching, such as steelhead, halibut, and trout. Deep sea fishing is an alternative to consider, but fishing in the pristine waters of the local rivers is much preferred, too. Where to fish in British Columbia? If this question is on your mind, here are a few ideas to get you started.   Capilano River – The opportunity for a real adventure Considered by many a veritable paradise for anglers, the Capilano River lies right at Vancouver’s back door. That means that you can expect large crowds here especially during the best season for catching Coho salmon. That usually happens between June and August, so traveling here in summer may be tricky, with so many tourists coming to the area. As expected from a place known for its many varieties of salmon, you can catch many other subspecies, such as Chinook, steelhead, and cutthroat. A very popular hatchery can be found next to the dam, but that is not the only place you can go fishing, as many good pools are scattered along the river. One thing to bear in mind is that the river can be difficult to navigate, due to the cliffs that surround it. Roe...

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5 Best Spots to Surf and Fish

  Surfing places are much-loved by people who are into this kind of thrilling activity, but you should aim for more than just surfing if you travel to these destinations. Many surfing spots are excellent for dropping a line, too, so, if you are planning a vacation that involves surfing, don’t forget to pack your fishing gear, as well. Here are five such amazing places.   Hale’iwa, Hawaii You don’t need a travel guide to tell you that Hawaii is an awesome destination for surfers. There is hardly a more beautiful place on the entire planet where you can surf to your heart’s content. But, if you are interested in finding that particular place where you can both surf and fish, the best recommendation is Hale’iwa. Here fish is aplenty, and so are perfect waves for surfing. One thing that makes this place, so incredibly beautiful is the steep drop off the bottom. This creates the ideal conditions for fish to come here and thrive, and, as you may suspect, there are powerful currents here, as well. Be aware of the mighty force of the ocean. More experimented surfers usually come here to enjoy a good pummeling from the forceful waves, but, of course, this is not all. This is one of the best spots for going with a rod on your back since you will find here plenty...

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