With its affordable price and durable construction it is easy to see why experienced fishermen consider this the best surf rod and reel combo.

The rod is constructed from high quality materials to ensure that it is lightweight, but still sturdy enough to be used in rough surf.

You will appreciate the smooth performance capabilities of the spinning reel, especially during casts and retrievals.

This rod and reel combo from Hurricane is comfortable and easy to use, even for less experienced anglers.

The sensitive rod will alert you when a curious fish is nibbling at your bait so you are always ready to set the hook and begin reeling it in.

It should be noted that some consumers have mentioned that the bail can disconnect, but this usually occurs when sand and other debris has gotten inside and the reel has been properly cleaned before using.

There have been occasions when the crank on the reel won’t turn, but this is easily resolved with a call to customer service.

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Made to withstand the test of time

Hurricane has designed a rod and reel combo that is durable, and priced so almost anyone can afford it. The rods and reels are constructed from high quality materials that are durable, and designed to last through years of successful fishing trips. The long rods are ideal for casting in rough surf, and the large reels can hold plenty of heavy weighted line so you can bring larger catches in.


Fiberglass rod

This set comes with a durable rod that is constructed from sturdy fiberglass. This produces a lightweight fish rod that is comfortable to cast without causing arm fatigue. The fiberglass construction is also well balanced for more accurate casts, and it will easily bend without breaking when you are reeling in heavier fish. Available in sizes up to 12 feet, you can easily find the perfect rod to match with the included spinning reel.

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The reel ensures smooth performances

One of the most important pieces of gear to consider is the reel. It will determine how smooth your casts are, and whether you can successfully bring a fish in. This sturdy reel won’t add any unnecessary weight to the rod, and it fits easily into the graphite seat. The drive system is powered by ball bearings to provide you with reliably smooth casts and retrievals. The spool is constructed from graphite and is resistant to rust and corrosion, though it should be thoroughly wiped down after each use. Sized 70 so it is large enough to hold up to 304 yards of 15 weight line, you will love showing off what you can catch in the surf with Hurricane’s rod and reel combo.


EVA foam handle

Even novice anglers will be able to effectively use this rod and reel combo, though most experts don’t recommend starting out with surf fishing. The size 70 reel comes with 20 pound monofilament line already wrapped, so all you have to do is attached your favorite lure to start fishing. The rod also comes with ceramic guides that are always convenient, and experienced anglers can use it as a helpful reference point. The rod is also designed for comfort, and comes with EVA padding on the handle. The padding also helps to prevent the rod from slipping out of wet hands, which often results in a lost fish.


Sensitivity at its best

Fishing in the surf can be difficult due to zero visibility, but this isn’t a problem with the Hurricane rod. The rod is sensitive to even the smallest nibble, so even if you can’t see a fish you will know that one is interested in your bait. Once you know that a fish is nearby you only have to wait to set your hook and start reeling it in. Not only does this help make your fishing trip more successful, but it can also save you money on lost bait.



There is very little not to like about this rod and reel combo from Hurricane. The long rod is perfect for casting in the surf, and its durable construction is designed to last through years of use. The set also comes with a size 70 reel that is powerful enough to bring in small sharks and stingrays. The ball bearing ensures a smooth cast and retrieval, and you will appreciate how sensitive the rod is in poor visibility. The guides help make rigging quick and easy and the pre-wrapped spool is an added bonus, simply tie your favorite lure at the end of the 20 lb line and you are ready to start fishing.


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