Humminbird 409610-1 Helix 5 Fish Finder Review


The HELIX 5 Sonar GPS is the best fish finder from Humminbird thanks to how it reveals the lake bottom.

The 5-inch widescreen color display shows you what you want to see in detail.

The precision internal GPS chart allows you to view optional maps and save waypoints.

The included XNT 9 20 T transducer transmits signals that you can view as pictures on the screen.

This fish finder is equipped to be compatible with a wide variety of fish finding and GPS technology.



Some owners disliked the quality of the included transducer mount. They argued that the unit should have come with a flexible instead of a solid mount as this would break if it hit anything under the surface.



Our Review


Get a view of how the lake bottom looks like even without physically diving underwater just by having the Humminbird 409610-1 Helix 5 Fish finder on your water craft. This best fish finder with GPS offers powerful side imaging, down imaging and Switch Fire Sonar to show you the bottom of the lake. The Switch Fire Sonar is programmed to command the device on how the sonar returns appear. The two sonar beams work together to show great detail along with a wide coverage area. The optional GPS mapping also shows the way for anglers to get the fish they seek.

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The bright 5-inch, 800H x 480V, 256 color display is supplemented with a backlight to show you clear details as they are transmitted to the transducer. You won’t have to worry about hazy details since the display shows you everything with sharp and crisp images.

The DualBeam plus sonar driven by 4000 watts of PTP power output transmits sonar beams that get reflected back to the device for impressive signal reception. The Precision Internal GPS Chart plotting with a built-in UniMap cartography plus micro-SD card provides optional maps, and is also very useful for saving waypoints. The internal GPS receiver provides 45 routes and 2.500 waypoints, along with 20,000 waypoints on 50 tracks.

The built –transducer also features capability to measure water surface temperature, with 1500 feet depth capacity and GPS speed included. This lets you see what’s at the bottom of the lake so you have a pretty good idea where the fish are. This fishfinder system enables you to make the most of your angling experience, as the transducer is equipped with 200 kHz frequency for a 20-degree coverage, in addition to an 83 kHz frequency for a 60-degree coverage. This means narrower coverage for more detail and a broader expanse for a more general view.


The device is compatible with Hummingbird Lake Master charts, which include Auto Chart. Navionics Gold/Hot Maps compatibility. The unit also comes with usage for international languages so it can be used in plenty of fishing locations.



You can’t go fishing without the Humminbird 409610-1 Helix 5 Fish finder with GPS. Employing advanced sonar technology, the device shows you what’s under, and if any of it is worth staying out in the water for. This fish finder has built-in UniMap cartography, which can prove to be quite useful for chart plotting and boat journey planning.


Buy from for ($329.99)



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