Considering its specs, this is a pretty affordable fish finder.

The LCD display and the resolution make this the perfect unit for people interested in daytime and nighttime fishing alike.

The power output of this unit is 4,000 watts.

The model features an internal GPS and a high-speed processor.

Humminbird 409150-1 899ci SI HD combo fish finder reviews recommend it for the ratio between the value and the price.

Some customers felt the need to underline that the HD in this unit is the LCD display. The transducer comes with a fair resolution of SI and DI, so there have been some buyers who have complained about the poor marketing efforts deployed by the manufacturing company. Exchanging the transducer is nevertheless possible on account of Humminbird customer support, which will replace it with an improved model at a small fee.


Our Review


Great value for the money

It’s a given fact that Humminbird is one of the most well-known manufacturers of fish finders, but this one really takes the cake. For a price of less than one thousand dollars, it is capable of excellent performance, what with the GPS chart plotting with CountourXD maps and with the side imaging, down imaging and dual beam PLUS sonar it comes with. The Ethernet networking on this one is optional.


7-inch HD display

As emphasized by one customer, the LCD display of this unit is truly HD. The 7-inch color screen and the outstanding resolution allow users to enjoy pictures that actually resemble the underwater environment. The wide, 800H x 480V screen and the 16:9 color are responsible for providing images that can be visualized in direct sunlight.

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Plenty of power

Power output is a tricky matter when it comes to fish finders, but the issue is quite simple in this case. The more watts, the better. The 4,000-watt output of this device makes it the right choice both for shallow and for deep waters.

Built-in navigational system

The high-speed processor makes it possible for images to be refreshed in a timely fashion. The built-in GPS makes sure you never lose your way while fishing and always come back home safely, even while fishing at sea.

This model is one of the top rated combo fish finders we have come across. Both American and worldwide customers have provided multiple positive reviews and have spoken highly of the value offered for the acceptable price. Some buyers who have failed to be impressed with the base map of the unit have purchased the Navionics + card and have found that it works perfectly with this fish finder.



If you are looking for a fish finder that’s cutting-edge but does not ruin your budget for life, you have just found it. This one might just as well be the best fish finder from Humminbird, judging by the reviews it has gathered and by the specifications provided by the manufacturer. In case you run into any trouble with the unit, just contact Humminbird customer support, and they’ll be sure to solve your nuisance.


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