According to the Humminbird 4087201 fish finder reviews this device is designed for use in deeper water.

Often considered the best fish finder from Humminbird, you will appreciate the wide viewing screen and easy to operate controls.

With its included Ethernet capabilities you can easily connect to other fish finders from Humminbird, and you also have the advantage of the two SD card slots.

Everything you need to mount this device is included so you can concentrate on tracking and catching fish.

While this is considered one of the best fish finders, it should be noted that some users were disappointed about having to buy some additional accessories separately. They felt that they should have been included in the package as the unit is fairly expensive.


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Perfect for river and lake fishing

This fish finder is designed for use on rivers and deeper lakes, and its side and down radar is capable of displaying images at depths of 150 feet. This lets you see any obstacles and fish that are underneath or alongside the boat so you can find the best place to toss in your line. For deeper water, this fish finder can also be used with a 50 kHz transducer that is capable of relaying images in depths down to 3,000 feet.


Large 8-inch display

You will appreciate the wide 8-inch viewing screen that is easy to read in both low and bright light. The backlight screen is capable of clearly displaying any images you are tracking, along with the plotted courses. The display can also be divided to show sonar images alongside the map. The fish finder is also designed to be easy to use, and the navigational controls are conveniently placed so you never have to take your eyes off of the screen.

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Share your routes with other anglers

Not only can you track images with the dual beam sonar, but this convenient device can also connect to other Humminbird fish finders. With the included Ethernet capability, you can share and trade information with other anglers. Find the best spots to fish at your current location, and even brag to other anglers. This device also includes two SD cards slots so you can easily save maps and way points.


Easy to mount

The device can be easily mounted to your boat, canoe, or kayak with the included accessories, which also feature a 20 foot transducer cable. You will also appreciate the included GPS antenna, along with all of the necessary wiring and mounting bracket. It is incredibly easy to install and step up, so you can immediately start tracking your next big catch.



If you are looking for a fish finder that is easy to read and can connect you to other anglers, this might be exactly what you are looking for. It features a bright LED screen that can be read in low or direct sunlight, and easy to navigate controls. The powerful sonar can accurately display images directly below and around the boat, and the included GPS makes it easy to mark your way spots. Perfect for experienced and amateur anglers, you’ll also appreciate its affordable price.


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