How to Put a Fish Hook on a Hat


Fishing is a hobby that many of us share. If you are in need of a fisherman hat, check out our recent article as it is packed with various models that you could try. In this guide, we will talk to you about the easiest way to put a fish hook on a hat. So, if you find it difficult to do it, keep reading and see what the steps are that you have to follow.


Numerous fishermen have argued that the manner in which one can attach a hook to a hat depends on the kind of hat that one is using. There are two ways in which you can do it: by attaching the hook to the bill, or to the hat itself.

Many have said that attaching a hook to the bill of a hat is easier. Technically speaking, the brim is generally made of a firm material and, consequently, inserting the hook through it is not challenging.

Another advantage of this method is that the brim does not rest directly against one’s head. Therefore, the chances of one getting injured are minimized. Also, if others want to add hooks to the hat, they can do so without you having to take it off.  

By comparison, cap attachment is not regarded as equally safe. To avoid any injuries, there is a way to do it that many speak highly of. You have to push the sharp part of the hook downwards through the fabric and to push it facing upwards. Because the hook enters the material twice, it is prone to stay in place for a long time.

Also, remember that the sharp part of the hook should always face out, as it should be fitted on the outer part of the cap.


The material used when manufacturing the hook

Another aspect that might influence the whole process is the material that was utilized to make the hook itself. However, in this case, the aesthetics of the hat matter more than practicality as some claim that not all hooks combine well with different types of headwear.  

For instance, some anglers like to attach a gold or a silver hook to their hat for good luck and for the general look that such an accessory can complete. According to the fishers, the same cannot be said about cheaper hooks made of materials such as plastic or brass.


Matching is key

Those who are fashion inclined spend a lot of time assessing their looks. After careful considerations, there seem to be two things that you should consider when decorating a hat with hooks.

Firstly, that aesthetics matter. As some say, a hook made of brass looks significantly better when attached to a loose or lighter fabric.

Secondly, some argue that attaching hooks to a hat is a great way to compliment one’s long hair. This might be a reason why women fishers are more likely to add extra hooks to the brim of their hats.

Does the hook have a meaning?

Hooks have been attached to hats ever since the Middle Ages and the Tudor period. In those times hooks were made of gold and other precious metals and they were covered in diamonds and jewels. In fact, in the 16th century, it was considered fashionable for men to wear small cap hooks on the brim of their hats.

Some of the cap hooks were said to have a religious meaning, while others carried a strictly aesthetic purpose. Those pins that had religious significance came to be known as enseignes and they are considered a modern form of the medieval pilgrim badges.

Today, it is safe to say that people often add hooks to their headwear for either aesthetic or functional purposes. However, there are plenty of novices that add a hook to their hats to look like more serious and experimented fishermen.


Manufactured clips

If you do not find it safe to stick an actual hook on your hat, but you love the idea of having a symbol of fishing on your hat, keep in mind that there are currently manufactured clips that you can acquire.

These clips were specifically designed to be stuck to hats and they come provided with special safety features.

If you love DIY projects, you will be happy to find out that there are some step by step guides that you can follow and learn how to make clips of this sort by yourself.  

The symbol of the hook

Although adding a hook to your hat for aesthetic purposes might not mean much, the fish hook has a rather rich symbolism that you should be aware of. In all cultures, the fish hook is said to be a symbol of well-being and prosperity.

Hawaiians often wear necklaces and other accessories that include this symbol on a day to day basis. Through this symbol, Hawaiians show their reverence to the ocean. A long time ago, it was their belief that any necklace that included this symbol took on a piece of the spirit of the wearer.

Because of this, the necklace was passed down from one member of the family to another and, as a result, a powerful sacred link was formed between the different generations of a family.

A similar symbol was present in the New Zealand Maori culture. The necklaces that their fishermen wore some time ago depicted a stylized fish hook that was the symbol of fertility and abundance, as well as of strength.

This symbol, also called Hei-Matau is also considered a representation of authority and power by the Maori. Some fishers still wear it as a way to protect themselves while crossing waters. The Hei-Matau is a combination of the shape of a fish and that of a hook and it is an imagistic representation of the huge fish that a deity called the great fisherman has once caught.

On top of that, the symbol also is a nod to the close relationship between the Maori and the art of fishing and a sign of reverence to the god of the sea, Hei-Matau.

In this culture, the traditional fish hook is called a matau and it used to be carved out of bone, wood, shells or ivory. Today, this symbol is worn not only by fishermen but also by other New Zealanders who consider it part of their culture. In fact, the matau is now regarded as a symbol of New Zealand itself.

Today, anybody who travels to New Zealand can buy this type of necklace as a souvenir from tourist markets. However, these items are now mass produced in countries such as China and have lost their greater symbolic meaning.



Although today adding a hook to your fishing hat does not mean much, the symbol of the fish hook has a long line of tradition for those societies that live near the ocean or the sea. This act is purely secularized but, to some, it still indicates the relation that the fisherman has to his/her hobby.

If you are a proud fisher, but you do not like the idea of putting an actual hook through the material of your favorite hat, there are special clips that you can purchase online that you can use instead.



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