Designed for those who work in the rain all day, the Helly Hansen Workwear Men’s Impertech rain and fishing jacket offers revolutionary styling and construction.

This piece of apparel comes with a cutting edge waterproof fabric that has also been tested to be resilient against blood-borne pathogens.

This jacket offers convenience to the wearer thanks to its innovative features including pockets, a back cape and a hood.

The jacket offers you comfort for use in fishing, storm hunting and other outdoor activities so you can stay out and make the most of every activity.

This is light yet rugged rainwear that does its job really well while keeping you looking stylish even when you have to do many tasks in wet weather.

One user has found issues on the snaps of this best fishing jacket. The snaps do not really hold as they should, but those components are complemented by the jacket’s reliable zipper. The snaps are just designed for quick closing anyhow but the zipper is for more permanent closing of the raingear.

Another user observes that the jacket has a very strong rubber-like smell, but this comes from the high quality material the apparel is made of. It serves as an assurance that you get real value for money and not just a cheap rip off.


Our Review

Perfect to have on when you have to be out in the rain, this fishing jacket carries a generous cut so you can move freely and do your tasks easily without your movement restricted in any way. The jacket is made of polyester and polyurethane to ensure absolute waterproof ability to protect you during wet weather. It comes with usable pockets, a hood, snaps and a zipper, adjustability through loops and hooks, a back cape, plus a full length that enables easy fit with rain pants, The jacket boasts the innovative Helly Hansen MicroWeld™ seam sealing process that ensures that every single seam will not wear out or break down that easily.


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This jacket’s waterproof fabric is designed to stretch up to twice its original size to provide a customized fit. Able to resist snags and punctures, the jacket fabric enables you to work in the toughest condition without worrying that the rain will seep through because of damage to the fabric. The fabric has also been tested blood-borne pathogens to ensure the jacket can be used in work settings that require exposure to such elements, including working in laboratories or housekeeping.

The rain jacket comes with a back cape ventilation system that keeps you feeling cool. It features double entry front pockets so you can keep your hands in them for greater warmth, or use them to store small items so your hands are kept free. The front zip with snap storm placket keeps the wetness out. The jacket also has an attached hood with full size and visor so your head and face are protected while worn. The hood tucks into the collar conveniently when not needed. the adjustable hook-and-loop sleeve cuffs allow you to extend the sleeves or have them folded up, as needed.

The smooth urethane coating of the jacket makes it whisper-quiet to enable you to carry out stealth hunting, so your prey cannot hear your approach. Use the velcro closures to cinch the sleeves over gloves so water won’t run up your arms and you can focus on your fishing technique. The draw cord at the bottom keeps you warm during outdoor activities, so air won’t keep flowing through the inside freely.

Giving you a personalized fit without restricting your movement when you have to work in the rain, this fishing jacket offers lightweight and rugged raingear that is able to keep the wetness out while offering fair protection against abrasion. Ventilation is assured with the jacket’s construction while ensuring 100 percent protection from the rain.



The Helly Hansen Workwear Men’s Impertech Rain and Fishing Jacket offers 100 percent waterproof protection thanks to its impressive construction and material, which also provide comfort. Wear this jacket when you have to work in the rain, go fishing or hunting or just about any activity that can expose you to harsh weather elements.


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