Goture Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod Review


This saltwater fishing rod comes with a lightweight and durable construction that is comfortable and easy to handle.

One of the reasons this is considered the best saltwater fishing rod is its ability to retract and extend as needed.

You will appreciate the durable guides that provide you with a smooth and reliable performance.

The sturdy seat and hood ensure that your reel is always held securely in place.

Featuring a stylish and professional design, this saltwater fishing rod also comes at an affordable price.



Some consumers have noted that while they appreciate the rod’s elegant design, they would prefer one that is a little less reflective.

It should be mentioned that on occasion the eyes can be difficult to line up, which can be frustrating for anglers who are impatient to see if any fish are biting.

2.Goture Portable Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod


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Flexibility at its best

This medium action saltwater fishing rod comes with a durable construction that is also lightweight, and surprisingly flexible. The rod is made from a carbon fiber material that is resistant to breaking under pressure. The carbon fiber also ensures that the rod is well balanced and easy to handle. Advertised as “stronger than a steel bar”, you can rest assured that you are purchasing a durable, high quality saltwater fishing rod.

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Easy to store and carry around

While this rod may measure 7 feet, which is ideal for making longer casts, it is also easy to pack and store with the rest of your fishing gear. The rod can be quickly extended to its full length when you are ready to start casting in open water, and just as easily retracted down to a compact size. This allows you to pack the rod with the rest of your gear so you can take it with you almost anywhere. You will also appreciate the rod’s longer handle which helps to evenly distribute the weight of heavier fish.

3.Goture Portable Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod


Ceramic guide rings

The guides are an important feature on any saltwater rod, and these are designed to provide you with a smooth and reliable performance. The rings are constructed from durable ceramic, and won’t add any unnecessary weight to the rod. The ceramic material allows the line to slide smoothly without any friction, and you also have the advantage of the protective coating. The adhesive helps to ensure the rings stay securely in place so you can depend on the rod’s reliable performance. The ceramic construction also helps to prevent the line from breaking due to heat caused by excessive friction.


Corrosion-resistant reel seat

Keeping your reel firmly in place is important if you want to have a successful fishing trip, and that is not a problem with this saltwater rod. The seat is constructed from a lightweight and durable metal that won’t bend or break under pressure, and it is also easy to keep free from damaging rust and corrosion. The main advantage of this reel seat is it’s adjustable design. You can move the position of the reel up or down a few degrees so you can find one that is comfortable for you.

1.Goture Portable Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod


A uniquely elegant design

One of the reasons this rod stands out is its uniquely elegant design. The sleek varnish finish gives the rod a smooth feel that is also comfortable to handle. Since the varnish is baked on it is resistant to chipping and cracking, which can give a rod a less than professional appearance. The extended handle is also designed to fit comfortably in your hands, and its non slip texture ensures that the rod stays securely in your grasp. The rod also comes with several stylish details that help to give it’s uniquely stylish look.



Sleek and elegant, this saltwater fishing rod from Goture also comes with a sturdy and durable construction. The carbon fiber material ensures that the rod is lightweight and flexible, while still being able to handle medium size fresh and saltwater fish. It’s medium to heavy action design allows for accurate distance casts, while also effectively sinking the lure underneath the water.

You will love the convenience of the adjustable seat which lets you move the reel up and down, and also keeps it firmly in place. The ceramic guides allow the line to flow smoothly, and since the amount of friction is reduced you don’t have to worry about it breaking. With its retractable design for easy carrying and durable construction, it’s not hard to see why many anglers put this saltwater rod in with the rest of their gear.


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