As stated in the Garmin echoMap GPS 50s fish finder reviews it is compatible with several navigational systems.

With its fast and powerful built in satellite, it is easy to see why this is considered the best fish finder from Garmin.

You will appreciate the bright 5 inch display, and easy to navigate interface.

This wireless fish finder can be mounted in several positions, and includes all of the necessary accessories.

Some fishermen found that the Garmin echoMap GPS 50s does seem to struggle sometimes with readings if the boat is in shallow water, especially less than 10 feet.


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Wireless capabilities 

One of the reasons this is considered the best fish finder is its convenient wireless design that lets you connect to your smart phone or tablet. This gives you the advantage of being able to connect to more fishing apps so you always know the best place to toss in your line. The fish finder is also compatible with several popular navigation systems, including GLONASS, GPS, Galileo2 and QZSS2.

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Bright, backlit 5-inch display

You will appreciate the included satellite receiver that is capable of refreshing your heading and position up to 10 times a second, even when the boat is moving. This makes it easier for you to mark specific way points for future reference. The powerful sonar will precisely coordinate and record the locations of up to 5,000 waypoints so you can always find, and return to a “fishing hot spot”.

The bright 5-inch screen is designed to be easy to read in any lighting and will clearly display water depth, along with your exact location. The side buttons are clearly labeled and conveniently placed, and the menu is incredibly easy to navigate. The dual beam transducer will track your target, while the screen clearly plots and displays your intended course. With preloaded maps and two SD memory card slots, you can easily keep all of your data within reach on this fish finder.

Can be set up on most boats

With the option to mount this fish finder in several positions, it’s not hard to see why it is a popular choice with consumers. The flat bottom is perfect for dashboards or handheld use, or it can be attached to the side of most boats. Everything you need to mount the fish finder is included, and you will love how easy it is to attach. It is also designed to tilt and swivel for convenient viewing in any position, and you will appreciate the included cover that protects the screen when it is not in use.



This fish finder is affordably priced and features a durable construction that can last through years of successful boating trips. Its bright display is easy to read in almost any lighting, and you will love how quickly it refreshes your important data. The preloaded maps of U.S. lakes and rivers helps you get started plotting your next course, and with the ability to store up to 5,000 way points you will always know the best place to catch a fish.


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