Frogg Toggs Pro Action Rain Jacket Review

With its affordable price and variety of colors and sizes this fishing jacket is a great choice for any serious angler.

The durable construction will last for years, and its lightweight design is comfortable to wear even during summer rainstorms.

You will appreciate being able to adjust the hood and the convenient “storm flaps” provide plenty of protection from the wind and the rain.

Functional and easy to care for, it is easy to see why this fishing jacket from Froggs Toggs consistently receives good ratings among anglers and other outdoorsmen.

While there are pockets on this jacket some consumers have mentioned that they wish it can with a couple more so they keep more of their gear conveniently close by.

Even though this fishing jacket is waterproof and does provide adequate protection from the wind, the thin insulation is not really designed for use in colder temperatures. While wearing layers can help keep you warm, it might not always be convenient or comfortable. This does not affect the overall value of the jacket, only limits its wear to warmer weather.

1.Frogg Toggs Men's Classic


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If you don’t want to look like everyone else on the water with a fishing pole but still want a jacket that is attractive and stylish, you should be able to find a Pro Action in the color and size that you need. This jacket is available in a range of sizes and colors which makes it easy to find the perfect one for you, and its bomber style design will never go out of style. It is even available in a realistic camouflage pattern so you can also wear it hunting in warmer weather.

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Constructed from a durable synthetic material that is designed to last through years of fishing trips, this affordable jacket is great value for your money. The lightweight material is comfortable to wear, and won’t restrict your arm movements. You will also appreciate its breathable design that prevents sweat and moisture from being trapped inside, while still allowing cooling air to pass through. This helps to ensure your comfort, even during warm, wet weather.

There is nothing more annoying than having your hood drop over your eyes just when there is a bite on the line. This jacket comes with an adjustable hood so you can find the perfect fit. The hood is designed to protect your head, neck and ears from the wind and rain, and to prevent cold water from dripping down back. For added protection Frogg Toggs has also added inventive storm flaps. These provide extra protection during storms, along with the elastic bands around the cuffs which keep your arms warm and dry.

2.Frogg Toggs Men's Classic

With two side pockets you can easily carry a couple of extra lures with you and keep track of your keys so you can make it back home at the end of the trip. When you get home cleaning the jacket is easy, simply toss it the washing machine and let it drip dry. The lightweight material dries quickly so the jacket is ready to go with you on your next fishing trip.


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