Frabill F3 Gale Rainsuit Jacket Review


Priced to fit most anglers’ budgets, this fishing jacket also comes with a durable and comfortable construction.

You will appreciate its versatility, especially out on the open water where the weather can change in an instant.

It comes with plenty of innovative features that are designed to keep you warm and dry even in the roughest weather.

Even though this jacket comes in an attractive and stylish design, it is still functional and even comes with convenient and useful D rings.



On occasion the jacket can leak, and while this is extremely uncomfortable it is usually due to the hood or zipper not being closed properly and not an issue with the design.

While there are side pockets and D rings, some consumers have mentioned that there were more compartments for storing small items.

1.Frabill F3 Gale Rainsuit Jacket


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You will love the price and the comfortable and durable construction. This fishing jacket is intended for use in extreme weather conditions, and will keep you warm and dry even during strong storms. The synthetic nylon material is designed to withstand the rigors of fishing and the outer shell is resistant to wind and water. To ensure you stay comfortable the material is also breathable, and you will love how comfortable it feels when you are wearing it.  

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When you are out on the lake and a storm blows in you are ready with the F3 Gale Rainsuit. Along with the 15,000mm triple layered outer shell that will protect you from strong wind gusts and rain, the seams are sealed to ensure water doesn’t leak in. The sleeves can be adjusted as needed depending on the weather and to ensure a perfect fit, and the cuffs are also waterproof. Frabill also designed this jacket to be comfortable to wear, and the ergonomic sleeves ensure that you can easily complete your tasks.

While the waterproof cuffs prevent water from running up the sleeves, the adjustable hood keeps your head and neck dry. The sturdy material will also prevent wind from blowing down the back of the jacket, so you can stay warm in almost any weather conditions. When the sun comes up the sturdy brim can double as an effective visor. Safety can also be a concern on the water especially in low visibility, which is why you will appreciate the reflective strips on the front, back and sides that make it easy for other anglers to see you in the dark.

3.Frabill F3 Gale Rainsuit Jacket

Not only does this jacket look great it is also fully functional, and comes with plenty of features that will make your life a little easier on the water. The pockets are ideal for keeping keys and wallets safe and dry, and you will love the convenient D rings on the front. You can easily attach the small tools that you need to the front of the vest, and there is also a convenient ring on the side.


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