Boasting premium triacetate polarized lenses, this pair ensures superb durability so you can be assured of lasting use through many seasons of fishing.

These fishing sunglasses are pretty lightweight, making them a delight to wear on sunny days of fishing when the glare of the sun is your number one hindrance to spotting the fish in the water.

You enjoy maximum UV protection with these sunglasses, which ensures that your eyes do not have to bear the full impact of the sun bearing down during those perfect fishing days.

Your vision remains comfortable, true and accurate while wearing these impressive fishing sunglasses, so you can cast promptly and accurately to catch those much awaited nibbles from your target using your favorite fishing techniques.

These sunglasses offer the feel of expensive brand name eyewear without the hefty price tag, making them the ideal buy for anglers who would rather spend more on essential fishing equipment than on fishing apparel.

One user believes that these are undoubtedly the best fishing glasses despite the fact that he wishes they came in a bit darker tinting.

The nose pieces are meant to provide an exact fit but tend to leave indentations, which is not really a huge deal breaker considering the impressive functionality.


Our Review

Designed with cutting edge polarized premium triacetate lenses, the Flying Fisherman San Jose is an impressive pair that will last you through many fishing seasons. The special lenses are impressively engineered to be impact resistant so you won’t have to worry about dropping them as you scramble furiously for fishing tackle or when you leave them in your fishing gear case along with other equipment. The polarized sunlens system will not easily develop annoying scratches thanks to the innovative hard coating.


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Giving you an exceptional feeling of being an extension of your face, these fishing sunglasses carry a classic style that is as fashionable as what more expensive eyewear are made with. The wearer will truly appreciate the metal frame sunglasses with spring loaded hinges that effectively prevent stretching. The soft rubber nose pads work with the temple pads to prevent the sunglasses from slipping off your face.

These sunglasses provide reliable protection from the sun’s harmful rays. The polarized lenses block glare, ensuring 100 percent protection against the harmful UVA and UVB rays, making the sunglasses a must have for fishing during sunny days. They can also be used when driving.

Wear these fishing sunglasses to reduce eye fatigue when fishing. You can look out to the water far beyond with your eyes not being too bothered by the intense glare of light bouncing over the water. The sunglasses feature the exceptional Accu Tint™ Lens Coloring System that boasts additional color contrast minus the bothersome distortion of natural colors so you can see more clearly. You will enjoy the beauty of the scenery with clear and crisp vision when fishing or driving, plus heightened contrast so you can view enhanced details every time. Unlike dark glasses, this pair is actually quite bright while still being able to cut out the glare.

With metal frames in nickel silver or copper, these sunglasses are available with smoke or amber lenses so you can choose the tint color you want. Made using high quality materials, the sunglasses have been tested for durability to ensure they rival pricier eyewear in performance and quality.



Shipped to you with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, the Flying Fisherman San Jose fishing sunglasses offer reliable protection from the sun’s harmful rays, so you can go fishing or driving while wearing them comfortably. Made affordable yet offering the same quality and performance as other luxury brands, these sunglasses should be in every angler’s fishing apparel collection.


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