Considered one of the Southern territories, Oklahoma is a state that brags about producing natural gas, oil, agricultural products, and others. It is a picturesque place with plenty of natural surroundings and breathtaking landscapes, wherever you look around.

From prairies to mesas, forests, and lakes, there is something to admire at every corner and nature enthusiasts will certainly consider this state as a great year-round vacation destination.

When it comes to fishing possibilities, Oklahoma provides plenty of choices on lakes and rivers filled with numerous fish species.


License and permits

If you’re planning a fishing trip to Oklahoma the next year, you should know that the annual fishing fee for a resident is only 25 dollars, while non-residents will have to pay 55 dollars for a whole year.

For a one-week fishing trip, non-residents will have to pay 35 dollars, while the 1-day permit costs 15 dollars.

It is important to keep in mind that some lakes require additional permits for fishing. For instance, if you want to fish in the Lake Texoma, you will have to pay an additional fee of 12 dollars.

Special price reductions and fees are applicable to people with disabilities who have lived for at least six months in Oklahoma or seniors born after January 1, 1923.


Daily capture

Just like in all other states, Oklahoma has its own rules and regulations when it comes to “catch of the day” or the maximum basket of fish you are allowed to fish in one day. For areas without specific regulations, it is permitted to fish up to 5 largemouths per day, 15 blue catfish, 37 black or white crappies, as well as 5 striped basses.

The good news is that you no longer have to hold a trout license since it has been included in the regular resident or non-resident fishing license.

However, special regulations regarding trout fishing are still applicable. For instance, it is forbidden to take trout from state-designed areas during the trout season.

It is also forbidden to have in your possession more than 12 brown trout or 12 rainbow trout in one day and non-residents cannot leave Oklahoma state with a prey counting for more than two consecutive days of trout fishing, or maximum 24 trout fish.


Other rules and regulations you need to pay attention at

It is unlawful to fish without carrying a valid license.

It is unlawful to catch fish from waters within the state which are dead as a result of angling and not bury or burn those fish.

It is forbidden to sell, barter or trade fish, turtles, and frogs without carrying a specific commercial license for doing so.

It is forbidden to possess fish or parts of fish taken from another person, without that person’s firm consent and full identification mean.

It is unlawful to stock fish in the public waters of Oklahoma without the consent of the Wildlife Department director.


Free fishing days

Just like any other American state, Oklahoma also provides some free fishing days throughout the year, both for residents and nonresidents. So, if you happen to be near Oklahoma during June 3rd and June 4th, 2017, you won’t require a fishing permit to catch your prey.

However, these dates are flexible each year, meaning you will have to catch an eye on the Oklahoma Official Fishing Regulation Guide to see when the next free fishing days will be available for the upcoming years. In 2018, the free fishing days will be between June 2nd and June 3rd. Keep in mind that the free paddlefish permit is still required although you won’t require an additional fishing permit issued by the state of Oklahoma.



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