If you live in North Dakota or plan a trip over there soon, you must already know about all the things this state brags about. Part of what was formerly considered as the Wild West, North Dakota is known for its beautiful plains and amazing natural landscapes.

Although rather big, the state is only slightly occupied, which is great news for all of those seeking for relaxation and natural environments without too much civilization. There isn’t much to see around here, but this can only be a blessing for all those seeking to reconnect with nature and all of its beauties.

If you plan on taking a fishing trip to North Dakota, you should know that you will have to abide by the national laws. Nevertheless, we guarantee you will have a pleasant fishing vacation, as the state is known for its amazing rivers and lakes.


Fishing license

By far, the most important thing you need to take into consideration when going fishing here is the fishing license. You can choose between three different licenses, depending on how long you are planning to stay.

Most dedicated fishermen outside the state decide to opt for the 10-day permit which only costs around 35 dollars if you decide on going solo. We suggest choosing this permit even only for weekend trips as a 3-day permit will cost you only 10 dollars less.

If you are an avid angler, you can always opt for the annual license, but needless to say, you will have to take more money out of your pocket.

In the rare case where you and your life partner are both in love with fishing and consider the fishing trip a romantic getaway, you can purchase the “husband and wife” seasonal license for little over 50 dollars.

There are also other social categories that benefit from great discounts, under the North Dakota rules. For instance, students, disabled people, and veterans are all eligible for fishing almost for free.

However, if you are only a part-time fisher and want to simply enjoy a few days on the lake without spending any money, you should know that you will be able to fish for free every mid-June and during the New Year’s holiday. If you are passionate about ice-fishing, you won’t have to pay either.


Bag limits

Just like with any other state, North Dakota also imposes a few bag limits on fish to avoid under-population and destroying the natural habitats of fish. Thus, you should know that your daily capture should not exceed 10 individuals of many fish species, but you should check for local regulations before trying your luck. However, you will only be entitled to three trout and five salmons per day, as well as one single snapping turtle per year.

Paddlefish are even more pretentious, as you will need to check out all regulations before starting your fishing trip. You will only be able to fish it in restricted lake areas from North Dakota and only during a strict period of time, usually in May.

Most of the times you will only be able to practice sports fishing with paddlefish, meaning catch-and-release.


State lakes versus private properties

Since North Dakota offers a wide array of lakes and rivers, you need to understand that the above regulations only apply to state and public properties. If you plan on fishing in a private lake or in restricted areas, you will first need to check with the locals for special fishing limits or restrictions.

No matter what you choose, if salmon and trout are amongst your favorite fishes, North Dakota is a great place to catch and cook your prey.



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