Fiblink Inline Ice Fishing Reel Review

The Fiblink Inline reel offers the best combination of performance and versatility that a fisherman interested in ice fishing might ever be on the lookout for. This product can be purchased for the left or the right hand orientation so be sure to correlate your physical requirements with the features of the unit. From what we’ve gathered, this option is among the most critically acclaimed models in the line. What makes it so highly spoken of?

5.Fiblink® Inline Ice


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Easy to use

One of the first reasons to consider the Fiblink Inline is that it is extremely easy to use, even in harsh weather conditions. The model seems to have been specifically designed to offer the smoothest performance possible for an ice fishing reel of its size. Its drag system can be adjusted in accordance with the requirements of users, and the neat thing about this alternative is that it hardly contributes to line twisting at all. In fact, we’ve seen that many users claim that they’ve failed to experience this issue whatsoever, when using the Fiblink Inline.


Offers great value for the money

Even if it is one of the most affordable reels for ice fishing we’ve stumbled upon, the Fiblink Inline is very well-designed. As such, it features an aluminum star drag and handle, brass gears, and a shaft made of stainless steel. Thus, it’s easy to see that all of these materials contribute to the overall item durability. There have been people who have reviewed the unit who claim that they’ve been using it for several months now without seeing any damage on the surface of the parts, regardless of the amount of abuse they’ve taken.

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Instant anti-reverse

Another characteristic of the reel that people have been raving about is the fact that it features instant anti-reverse. This feature is most useful when it comes to performing momentary modifications with ease as it allows fishermen to continue enjoying their hobby or job without needing to stop and see what’s wrong with their reel. What’s more, the model has a free spool release button that makes it possible for users to avoid having their line broken. However, there’s nothing stopping you from turning the reel off and thus allowing the line to flow freely.

6.Fiblink® Inline Ice


Durable and dependable

With a 2.6:1 gear ratio and 4:1 ball bearings, this unit is definitely worth considering if you’re still in the market for a dependable and durable ice fishing reel. Even though some of the model’s competitors feature six ball bearings, this unit manages to make smooth casting possible, as both unloading and loading can finally become effortless. The Fiblink Inline can handle as much as 4 lbs of line per 45 yards and 1 lbs for 270 yards.

It might be worth noting that prospective buyers can get both the reel and a protective bag, along with a 1-year manufacturer warranty that allows them to rest assured regarding returns and refunds. There’s little to no chance of you needing to return the product, however, as we couldn’t help noticing that it is among the most popular newly released units out there.


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