Perfect for use with a spinning reel, the Eagle Claw Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod can easily make a boring business trip more fun and exciting. Measuring just 17 inches when collapsed into a compact unit, this model can be easily brought along in the trunk of a car or a turboprop or just carried with you on the fishing trail. The durable glass construction ensures worry-free transport, as the rod can withstand the pressures of travel.


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The Rod: Construction and Materials

Built strong while saving storage space, the Eagle Claw Pack-it model is definitely the best telescopic fishing rod from this manufacturer. Ideal for the on-the-go angler, the fishing rod accommodates line weight ratings of 4 to 10 pounds test. Featuring a glass blank material, the fishing rod is built tough to withstand the most rugged conditions.You can bring this product when backpacking or as something extra to keep in the car trunk.


A uniquely designed fiberglass pole

The glass blank material delivers the necessary weight and strength so the rod can be used for many seasons. The medium action tip is excellent for hurling top water lures including spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and crankbaits. The fiberglass material incorporates sensitivity and light weight to fashion a rod that makes it easy to cast far.


EVA foam grip

The EVA foam grip enables easy cleaning off of collected dirt and debris such as slime, fish oil and protein. All you need to use is detergent to clean the gunk away. The EVA foam grip also enables easy placement of the fishing rod for long periods in a beach spike or rod holder. In addition, the EVA foam grip ensures effortless and secure holding.

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Ceramic guides

The fishing rod is equipped with ceramic guides that allow the fishing line to be nicely placed on the shaft without coming in direct contact with the rod. As the fishing line is well placed against the rod, there is little to no heat produced when a strong fighting fish pulls against the line. This eliminates friction, which can easily be the cause of line breakage.


A strong, yet lightweight reel seat

Extending to its full length of 5 feet 6 inches, this fishing rod is outfitted with a graphite reel seat. The graphite material allows longer and more accurate casting. Thanks to the greatly increased sensitivity, this fishing rod enables the angler to feel nearly every tiny bump the lure makes against the retrieve. Lighter and stronger than other reel seats, the graphite reel seat will not add to the overall mass or weight of the fishing rod, so even when you position your favorite reel in place, you won’t be adding more than the necessary weight to make the unit fully functional for fishing.


Five-section design

The yellow color provides easy visibility. The guide wrappings ensure secure and durable attachment of the double-footed line guides around the shaft. The ceramic guides provide a smooth channel through which the fishing line is routed along the length of the shaft, ensuring protection for the investment you make on your fishing line.

The fishing rod has a total of five sections, ensuring that each section locks in place for reliable performance. The rod has three guides plus one tiptop to deliver accurate line placement consistently along the rod’s full length. It handles lure weights from ⅛ to ½ oz, and is perfect for use with a matching spinning reel.


Problem-free storage

The fishing rod ships with a one-year warranty, so the consumer is assured of premium quality and craftsmanship. The unit is really easy to put together and take down to a compact frame, for problem-free storage in a gear case or backpack. Having this model ready at all times in the car trunk will help the mobile angler enjoy years and years of constant on-the-go use. The rod easily saves on space, so it won’t be eating up all the available room for all the items in your fishing tackle collection.


A great companion for your fishing trips

The Eagle Claw Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod can make any fishing trip more enjoyable, so you can easily bag that trophy fish even during a most boring business trip in a perfect fishing location. The fishing rod empowers the user with dependable performance to make every fishing outing memorable. Comparable to any fishing rod that can be bought for a couple of benjamins, this model won’t cost you a lot of money to acquire. Users love how the entire unit packs easily into a backpack.

This spinning rod enables problem-free retrieve and casting with its solid construction and dependable quality materials. It can withstand abuse and the punishment of the elements including snow, rain and mud and will still perform flawlessly as designed to bag that trout and bass.


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