Columbia Sportswear Men’s Bahama II Long Sleeve Shirt Review


Especially if you are planning to spend your fishing trip in a sunny area, you will find the Columbia Sportswear Men’s Bahama II Long Sleeve to be a great choice, due to its anti-UV features.

The shirt ensures that your skin will not suffer from the usual unpleasant consequences when salty water gets too much in contact with the exposed areas of your body.

You will feel cool, well vented and comfortable when wearing this t-shirt, since the t-shirt is designed with such important aspects in mind.

The model comes with two large pockets located on the chest, where you can keep small fishing accessories for quick access.

The long sleeves can be rolled up and kept in place by the special buttons, so you can move around freely, without your sleeves getting in the way.



Be aware that sizes do not always match, especially if you have a particular body frame; there are buyers saying that the sizes they bought were too large and had to exchange them for smaller sizes.

Another issue mentioned by customers is that the real colors tend to be brighter than what can be seen online.

1.Columbia Sportswear Men's Bahama II Long Sleeve Shirt


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Unique anti-UV features

The Columbia Sportswear Men’s Bahama II Long Sleeve is ideal for fishing in tropical spots, as the shirt is designed to take a lot of heat, literally speaking. It is made of 100% nylon backcountry cloth and it is designed with some really interesting anti-UV features. First of all, the material has an UPF rating of 30, which means that you can spend quite a lot of time in the sun, without suffering from extreme heat. The fabric has a tight weave construction that does not allow the sun rays to reach your skin, so you will not suffer accidental sunburns. Basically, when you are wearing this t-shirt, it is as effective as applying sun block creams on your skin.

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The fabric dries up quickly

Another aspect that will surely be to any angler’s liking is its ability to dry really quickly. One major cause of discomfort for those who are spending a lot of time exposed to water, especially salty, is that the skin when covered by wet fabric, starts developing annoying rashes. Nothing of the kind will happen when you are wearing this t-shirt, since the fabric dries very fast and does not cause you any discomfort.

It is very important that natural air flow cools down your body when you are moving a lot while exposed to the harsh action of sun rays. The shirt comes with a mesh lined cape that ensures plenty of ventilation, so you will feel cool and comfortable all the time.

2.Columbia Sportswear Men's Bahama II Long Sleeve Shirt


Angling functionalities

As a true fishing shirt, this one comes with added functionalities for your fishing gear. The chest pockets are ideal for small parts, while the rod holder on the chest is very handy for tying fishing knots.

When you need extra freedom of movement, you can roll up your sleeves and keep them in place with the special buttons designed for this purpose.



The Columbia Sportswear Men’s Bahama II Long Sleeve is a very popular choice among anglers. Ideal for tropical fishing, this shirt will keep you cool, comfortable and happy all the time.


Buy from for ($48)



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