Columbia Men’s Convertible II Pant Review


Like all of the outdoor wear manufactured by Columbia these fishing pants are designed for comfort and durability.

You will appreciate the comfortable and attractive style, even when you’ve converted the pants into a pair of functional fishing shorts.

The lightweight material is designed to dry quickly when wet so you don’t have to spend the day wearing wet pants or shorts.

Incredibly easy to care for after a long day casting for fish, you will appreciate being able to come home and simply toss the pants in the washing machine.



Some consumers have noted that while the lightweight fabric is great on hot summer days, its thin design can be see through in bright sunlight.

Even though there are security pockets on these pants some consumers have mentioned that they would prefer zippers on all instead of velcro closures. 

1.Columbia Men's Convertible II Pant


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Nylon construction made to withstand the test of time

The last thing you want to deal with on a fishing trip is torn pants, but with the durable nylon construction that is not a problem with this convertible pair. The strong nylon material is resistant to rips that can occur due to sharp hooks and other pieces of gear, and the lightweight construction ensures that you stay comfortable in warm weather. For added comfort and to accommodate occasional changing weights the waistband is partially elastic so you are assured a secure fit.

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Convenient design allows you to turn them into shorts

It’s not always convenient to change into a pair of shorts when the day starts to heat up, and being stuck in long pants is not always comfortable. These fishing pants have eliminated this problem by being conveniently convertible. When the sun is up and the temperature is rising you can easily unzip the bottom legs and turn the pants into a functional and attractive pair of shorts. With a 7.5 inch inseam you don’t have to worry about the shorts becoming uncomfortable or showing off more leg than you want. Whether you are wearing these as pants or shorts you still have the same convenient functionality. The front pockets are perfect for holding small items, and the security compartment on the back ensures that your wallet doesn’t fall in the water.


Fast-drying fabric

It is a given fact that if you are fishing your pants are going to get wet. Columbia has taken care of this uncomfortable problem by designed these convertible pants to be fast drying. The lightweight material dries quickly even on cloudy days so you don’t have to spend the trip stuck in uncomfortable pants. While this might entice you to wade in after a rod or active fish, it should also be noted that the material is not waterproof and if your wallet is in the back pocket it will probably get wet.

2.Columbia Men's Convertible II Pant


Comfort and versatility

After spending the day with messy bait and cleaning and gutting your catch the last thing you want to do is take the time to wash your pants out by hand. With its polyester construction, these convertible pants are machine washable. All you have to do is toss them in and then hang the pants up to dry.


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