Affordable baitcasting fishing rod - Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you want to find the best fishing gear, but you don’t have the time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about cheap baitcasting rods in 2017. After analyzing a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional fishermen, we have concluded that the Entsport 2-Piece Portable is the best because it’s lightweight but also robust enough to be able to raise up to par in all situations. Since it has been constructed out of carbon fiber and features corrosion-resistant guides and hoods, it goes without saying that this option will last you through the many years of angling ahead. Additionally, the 2-piece design enables fishermen and women to transport the product with ease. If the Entsport 2-Piece Portable is unavailable, you should consider the Fiblink 2-Piece Baitcaster as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



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The best products in this category will be showcased below. These units are critically acclaimed for being dependable, reasonably priced, and convenient, which is why they’ve won the hearts of amateur and professional anglers alike. If you still have not made up your mind about which model best suits your expectations, be sure to consider them.



Entsport 2-Piece


Some say that this Entsport unit is the best cheap baitcasting rod for the money, and we’re not here to disagree. In spite of the fact that it usually costs under seventy dollars, this product has virtually all the features you might ever be looking for in a model that’s easy to break down and transport wherever your fishing adventures might take you.

It’s made of carbon fiber and comes with corrosion-resistant 6+1 guides, making it possible for the line to flow exactly as it should. The reel seat has also been enhanced with aluminum hoods that are resistant to corrosion. Also, it’s worth noting that this unit has a high-density EVA handle that ensures that you’ll be able to get a good hold onto the pole whenever the fish might bite. The grip is both durable and sensitive, allowing you to tend to your task without being bothered by slips and mishaps of this sort.

This is a 7’ medium-heavy pole that takes the cake when it comes to versatility and ease of use. Based on the owner feedback we’ve analyzed, it seems to be an excellent fit for spinners, crank baits, frogs, and senko worms. You can use any lure weighing in between 0.1 and 1.1oz with this pole.


You don’t have to worry about taking your preferred baitcasting rod on fishing trips, as the two-piece construction allows you to pack it with ease and transport it in perfect safety.

Due to the carbon fiber construction, the rod is lightweight, yet robust and durable; its sensitivity is not affected either, and this rod will help you catch all the fish you want.

The reel seat is reinforced with aluminum hoods that resist water action and corrosion; plus, the soft touch finish will make the reel feel more comfortable in your hand.

The 6+1 guides are also resistant to corrosion, and they eliminate friction between them and your line, so you can cast your line as fast and as far as you desire.

The handle is designed to maximize your comfort, as its EVA construction will let you spend long hours fishing, without straining your hands.


Some buyers mention that they find the action a bit inadequate, although the power is reliable and casting the line is accurate.

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Fiblink 2-Piece


If you can’t do with a 7’ medium-heavy pole, perhaps you ought to consider this Fiblink model as it is available in multiple power ratings and actions. This product is a good cheap baitcasting rod that can satisfy your requirements regardless of the harshness of the fishing conditions you might encounter.

Whether you prefer a fast-action medium 7’ alternative or plan to stick to a fast-action medium or medium-heavy 6’6” option, you’ll be able to take advantage of the user-friendly characteristics of the Fiblink unit. Having been constructed out of durable materials, this pole has even been baked with sun-resistant lacquer to leave it looking glossy and beautiful for the many years you’ll be using it for.

The vast majority of the individuals who have purchased the Fiblink 2-Piece speak highly of its craftsmanship and capabilities. One thing that’s worth mentioning is that, should you buy the 6’6” medium pole, you might be in for some unpleasant surprises as it might not be a good fit for all kinds of reels.

For instance, there have been people who have reported that they managed to pair the unit with an Abu Garcia baitcasting reel, but they failed to do the same with a Zebco ZO3 Pro Omega because the reel mount is too small.


If you’re looking for a medium power casting rod, this model offers exactly what you need.

Made from 2 pieces, it is easy to transport, and it will not be in danger of breaking like one piece models usually are.

The special guides are made from stainless steel with ceramic inserts that make them very durable, resistant to corrosion and also friction-free.

The cork material used for the handle is designed to provide superior comfort so that you don’t feel fatigued when you are casting your line over and over again.

The metal parts are all treated with a special substance to avoid color fading and also glitter in the sun, thus not risking to ruin your fishing experience.


The extended handle doesn’t seem to be to everyone’s liking.

The reel seat also is considered too shiny by some reviewers who mention this drawback in their comments.

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Entsport Baitcaster


In some respects, this option resembles the one we have talked about earlier on, having been manufactured by the same brand and featuring the same 2-piece design.

This is a portable inshore baitcasting rod that has been built out of carbon fiber, which renders it powerful yet sensitive enough to help you catch more fish and have more fun while out on your fishing trip. In spite of its construction, the model is sufficiently lightweight to be comfortable, especially as it features an EVA split grip that adds to the control and capabilities of the angler.

As is the case with other units in the same line, this rod has been equipped with corrosion-resistant guides with ceramic inserts. This makes it possible for line friction to become a thing of the past.

Due to the material they’ve been built of, the inserts do a great job of withstanding the test of time. Buyers depict it as a remarkably sensitive and light pole that’s worth its weight in gold, particularly as it often goes on sale at many online retailers. The value offered for the cost has also been emphasized due to the fact that the product comes with a protective bag.


The high-tensile carbon blanks ensure that this baitcaster is flexible and powerful, without sacrificing its low weight in the process.

The reel will be protected against any damage as the reel hood is made from stainless steel and does not allow water to get inside.

The guides are also made from stainless steel, and they do an excellent job preventing rust and corrosion, as well as the transfer of vibration when you cast the line.

The hook holder is convenient, and it will keep your hook in place for maximum convenience.

The handle is made from high-density EVA and offered extra comfort, something that is much appreciated by anglers who like spending a lot of time enjoying their favorite pastime.


As most two-piece baitcasters, this one requires some extra attention when you pull out of the water a bigger fish, as it can snap at its weakest point, as some buyers report.

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Fiblink 4-Piece Baitcaster


Ease of transport and portability are two factors to bear in mind before making your final decision. In order to give a helping hand to prospective buyers, Fiblink made it possible for busy fishermen and women to be able to leave for a fishing expedition whenever they find the time.

Considering the fact that this pole can be broken down into four pieces, it goes without saying that it won’t take up a lot of room in the trunk of your car. Aside from the advantage offered by such a portable option, it’s important to note that the model is lightweight, reliable, and features a dependable construction, especially as it has been built of solid carbon fiber.

The Fiblink 4-Piece is available in two options. You can either select the 6’6” medium fast-action alternative or choose the longer 7’ medium-heavy fast-action unit.

The first is rated for line weighing between 8 and 14 lbs while the second can raise up to par with line weights ranging from 12 to 20 lbs. With an enhanced reel seat, a soft cork material on the handle, and guides featuring frames made of stainless steel and inserts made of ceramic, it’s easy to see why this 4-piece model is so critically acclaimed.


This baitcaster is made from carbon fiber, so it is robust while maintaining itself lightweight for easy action.

The reel seat comes with stainless steel hoods that do a great job resisting corrosion and providing excellent protection against rough water.

The model comes equipped with 7+1 guides that have frames made from stainless steel and ceramic inserts that prevent friction when casting your line.

The cork grip is comfortable and keeps the weight of the baitcaster to a minimum; the overall design helps with this aspect, too.

The baitcaster has a multi-purpose hook holder that can be used for holding hooks, as well.


Since this is a travel rod, it should have come with a better carrying case, according to some buyers.

Other reviewers comment on how stiff the rod feels for fishing equipment that should be used as a medium action model.

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Fiblink 2-Piece Saltwater


Another unit that has garnered the appreciation of anglers out there is this Fiblink model that’s primarily intended for saltwater baitcasting. While some owners have reported that this option might be a tad too lightweight for targeting stripers and white seabass, we’ve seen that many buyers use it with excellent results for both bass and pike.

Overall, the pole has a good, solid feel, regardless of the size you’ll be choosing. Available dimensions include 6-ft, 7-ft, and 8-ft alternatives.

The 7-ft size has a graphite construction which renders it strong and sensitive enough to raise up to par. The 8+1 guides have been equipped with frames made of stainless steel and feature ceramic inserts. The reel seat is ergonomically shaped, which is always a factor to consider for this type of fishing technique.

Besides, the EVA split grip handle seems to be another notable feature to take into account, as many anglers appreciate its feel. The 6-ft unit comes with 7+1 guides that have an identical construction as the 7-ft alternative. The same goes for the 8-ft option. Regardless of the size of your choice, you need to be aware of the fact that this is a medium-heavy fast-action pole that’s a great fit for line weights ranging from 10 to 20 lbs.


The Fiblink 2-Piece Saltwater has a robust graphite construction that guarantees increased durability and usability.

The powerful action is supported by the use of overlapping carbon fiber layers that provide extra strength.

The guides are made with stainless steel frames that resist corrosion, while the ceramic inserts do not let friction reduce the overall power of the baitcaster.

The reel seat is designed for ergonomics, and its comfortable shape adds to the overall value of a good product.

The handle is made from EVA and ensures that you will enjoy many fishing trips without straining your hands.


Setting up your rod can be tricky since the manufacturer does not states how to do it right, some reviewers comment.

The hook holder may be of inferior quality, as at least one buyer reports that it broke after several uses.

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Buying guide


Are you trying to get your hands on the best cheap baitcasting rod available for sale these days? If you do, we want to give you a hand. In order to make it easier for you to complete your decision-making process, we have compiled all the info you ought to consider in a comprehensive buying guide. Check it out below.

Construction and materials

There’s a high chance that you’ll notice that most casting rods are made of fiberglass, graphite, or a combination of the two. Graphite units are flexible and lightweight and can handle heavy catches. Fiberglass options are often thought of as being more durable than their graphite counterparts, but the main difference between the two is that poles made of fiberglass are less sensitive. Besides, they also tend to weigh in more. Composite rods have become quite popular in recent years because of their capability to combine the advantages of the two formerly mentioned materials. Therefore, such a rod can offer you the sensitivity and power typical of graphite models and reasonable durability thanks to the fiberglass used in its build.



Finding the best budget baitcasting rod calls for a little research on your part, so you’ll have to assess the quality of the grips, guides, reels, and reel seat of the units you’ll come across during your buying journey. The handle can typically be made of EVA foam, cork, or wood. Out of these three options, the EVA foam has become critically acclaimed over time thanks to its ability to resist to temperature fluctuations. Wood is the least reliable of these options.

Line guides aren’t made the same for every model. They can be constructed out of ceramic, metal, or plastic. It goes without saying that plastic alternatives shouldn’t be on your list because they are not durable at all. Ceramic units are excellent, but they might cost more than their metal counterparts. The least thing you can do, particularly if you’re on a tight budget, is to get a unit that comes with corrosion-resistant guides.

Another detail that you ought to give some thought to is the type of reel you’ll be using. Baitcasting normally requires one that can fit in the palm of your hand and an open-face style is to be preferred as you’ll be able to look at the line. Here’s where the reel seat on the pole proves its importance as it has to be made of durable materials such as composite and also be compatible with most of the reels out there.

If you don’t have the time or patience to compare products and assess the compatibility of the two parts, maybe you’d benefit from considering getting one of the cheap baitcasting rod and reel combos that can be found on the current market.


Power and action

Poles have different lifting powers, which is why you must try to think ahead of things and determine the species that you’ll be targeting most often. Heavy power rods make a great choice for heavy line weights, but this is not a universal rule that you can apply to all models. The line strength should always be correlated with the power rating of the pole, as otherwise, a too light rod might snap a heavy line and the other way around. Fortunately, rods are rated for line weight, and the most useful piece of advice we can give you is to stay within the limits that are printed on the pole.

The action of the rod determines how much it will bend at the tip. A fast-action rod is sensitive whereas a moderate-action one is less so. Slow-action units are not so popular these days as they allow anglers to use just very soft and light bait. To make sure that you will do the right thing, always consider your needs and preferences, as well as your purpose, favorite fishing technique, and the species you’re targeting.




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