Ultralight Rod and Reel Combos - Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you want to save time and skip over the reviews and buying advice compile by our researchers, this paragraph will tell you all you need to know about the best ultralight rod and reel combo. The best product is the Zebco 33 Micro Camo since it comes with a durable and lightweight fiberglass construction, along with a realistic camo design that won’t startle any nearby fish. The rod can also be broken down into two pieces for easy storage and convenient portability. The spinning reel comes pre-spooled making this combo a great choice for beginners. The two ball bearing design allows you to enjoy  smooth cast and retrievals. If the Zebco 33 Micro Camo is not available you can consider the Daiwa Mini System as your second best option.



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Now that you know what to look for in the best ultra light rod and reel combo you can find the best products showcased below.



Zebco 33 Micro Camo


There is very little not to like about this rod and reel combo from Zebco, including its affordable price. The 5 foot rod is easy to control so you can make accurate casts, even if it is your first time on the water.

It also has a convenient two piece construction so it is easy to pack and carry with the rest of your gear. Its lightweight construction won’t cause wrist or arm fatigue, and it comes with a camo design that won’t startle nearby fish away.

The spinning reel comes pre spooled with 4 pound test line so you can get started fishing right out of the box. The graphite construction won’t add any extra weight, and it is also resistant to rust and corrosion. With 2 ball bearings and a 4.3:1 gear ratio you can enjoy a reliable performance with this spinning rod and reel combo from Zebco.


Starting with the affordable price, there are plenty things to like about this ultralight rod and reel combo, including its dual ceramic pickup pins, dial-adjustable drag and die-cast metal handle which might give you the upper hand while wrestling with fish.

Even if you just began fishing, you will make accurate casts because the 5 feet rod is easy to control.

You will be able to pack it in easily and carry it with you to your fishing spot because it has a convenient two-piece construction.

Your arms and wrists won’t tire while using this product because it has a lightweight graphite construction, meaning that is also resistant to rust and corrosion.

You will be able to fish as soon as this product arrives because it comes with a 4-pound pre-spooled test line.


Several customers seemed to find this model hardly usable because it comes with a low-grade fishing line.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($35.08)





Daiwa Mini System


One of the main advantages of this ultralight rod and reel combo from Daiwa is simply knowing that it has been tested for durability, and used by anglers around the world. This gives you additional confidence knowing that you purchasing a quality product.

The 4.5 foot ultralight rod breaks down into 5 pieces for easy storage, and it comes with a protective carrying case. It is designed to be used with 2 to 6 pound test line so you can go after small and medium size game fish.

The spinning reel is well balanced and the multiple ball bearings ensures a smooth and reliable performance. The 5.1:1 gear ration allows you to set the hook securely, and you will also appreciate the anti twist technology that helps to keep your line flowing freely.


If you want to feel confident that you’ve bought a quality product, then you might consider that this product has been tested for durability and is used by people all around the world.

It is easy to store because the 4.5-foot ultralight rod breaks down into five pieces and it comes with a protective storage case.

You can use it to go after small and medium size fish if used with 2 to 6-pound test line.

A reliable and smooth performance is offered by the well-balanced spinning reel which combined with the rod makes a product capable of withstanding the test of time, as some owners said.

You might like the anti-twist technology that helps to keep the line flowing freely, and your hook will stay secured thanks to the 5:1:1 gear ration.


The need to load the spool with line seems like the main drawback for some reviewers.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($29.99)





Shimano IX


You will love how affordably priced this Shimano ultra light rod and reel combo is. The two piece rod is easy to carry and provides you with the control you need to make accurate casts for small and medium size fish.

The ultra light action provides you with plenty of speed, without losing any control. You will also appreciate the EVA handle that is comfortable to grasp, and won’t slip easily out of wet hands.

The open face reel allows the line to flow faster so you don’t have to worry about losing your catch. It also has a gear ratio of 4.1:1 and multiple bearings so you can enjoy a smooth and reliable performance. While the open face design of the reel can allow the line to tangle, this is rarely a problem with the Shimano IX. Great for beginners or experienced anglers looking for a reliable spinning combo, this ultra light rod and reel might be just what you need on your next trip.


If you’re looking for an affordable ultralight rod and reel combo, then you might consider purchasing this model.

If you need to make accurate casts for small and medium size fish, the rod provides good control and is easy to store and carry, being that it is a two piece rod.

You won’t lose control with the ultra light action that provides plenty of speed to easily catch the fish you dreamt of.

The handle is comfortable to grasp because it is made of EVA meaning that it won’t slip out of your hands.

This model can be used for both freshwater and saltwater, and it offers great value for its price thanks to its excellent construction of its components.


While ideal for beginners, this fishing rod and reel combo have disappointed some of its users because of its reel that felt low quality and raised questions about its durability.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($37.23)





Buying guide



According to the best ultralight rod and reel combo reviews one of the first aspects to consider are the materials used in construction. This will not only determine the weight of the combo, but also where it can be used. It should be noted that most ultralight combos are not sturdy enough to be used for saltwater fishing. Rods constructed from fiberglass are flexible, and if you choose one that is hollow you can keep weight down to a minimum, but this also affects its strength and durability. Due to their flexibility these rods do provide plenty of control which makes them a good choice for beginners.

Graphite rods are lightweight and can be used almost anywhere, and come with more power so you can successfully fight larger fish. Experienced anglers also appreciate how sensitive graphite rods are since you can feel the fish when it is nibbling at your bait.


A rod’s action refers to the amount of flexibility it has and this will determine how much effort you need to apply to land your fish. The majority of ultralight rods are rated for medium action, which allows you to make long casts while still having plenty of control. These rods are also a good choice for beginners, though they are not well suited for catching larger fish. You can also find ultralight slow action rods that are easy to cast and control, but they are typically only used for short casts after smaller fish.

There are fast action rods that can make long casts for large fish, but this also means that they need a heavier construction to support the added weight. While these rods can be used in fresh and saltwater if you are looking for an ultralight combo you will probably want to avoid any that are rated for fast action.



Even though there are different types of reels, you want to choose a spinning one if weight is an issue. Since you are buying a combo you don’t need to worry about the reel fitting in the seat or throwing the rod off balance, but you do need to decide if you want an open or closed face design. Closed face reels are great for beginners since there is less of a chance of the line tangling or snarling on casts and retrievals. If you are concerned about speed then you will probably want one with an open face since the line can flow more freely.



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