Saltwater fishing rods - Buying guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you want to find the best fishing gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best saltwater fishing rod. After analyzing a lot of feedback from both amateur and professional fishermen, we have concluded that the Shakespeare Two Piece Ugly Stik Bigwater is the best because it’s versatile 10 foot design ensures accurate casts in fresh and saltwater and since it can be easily broken down into 2 pieces it is still convenient to carry and store. What really sets this model apart is the uniquely sensitive tip that ensures you can feel the smallest nibble and thanks to the fact that it comes with a durable construction you have the power you need to bring the fish in. Since it is constructed from heavier stainless steel and graphite materials you will certainly appreciate the extended handle that allows you to set it in a holder so you can fish from a boat without suffering from arm fatigue. If the Shakespeare Two Piece Ugly Stik Bigwater is not available, you should consider the Daiwa BFBT70HR Beefstick as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



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Shakespeare Ugly Stik Bigwater


1.Shakespeare Two-Piece Ugly Stik Bigwater Spinning RodShakespeare has created a durable spinning rod that is capable of reeling in large fresh and saltwater fish. Measuring 10 feet in length, it is capable of making accurate distance casts and it’s heavier weight provides the power you need to sink your bait below the surface. While this spinning rod is priced slightly higher than some similar models, it is well worth the extra cost when you consider its’ ability to provide you with a smooth and reliable performance.

You will appreciate the rod’s two piece design which makes it easier to carry and store. It can also be easily reassembled when you are ready to start fishing. The durable construction can withstand heavy pressure, and is backed by Shakespeare’s exclusive warranty. The rod also comes with the “Ugly Stik” sensitive tip that will instantly alert you at the slightest nibble. This gives you plenty of time to get ready to start reeling the fish in.

The seat and hood is an important feature on any rod, and this Ugly Stik from Shakespeare comes with a sturdy graphite seat and stainless steel hood. The seat and hood ensure that the reel doesn’t come lose, and the durable construction prevents it from bending or breaking. The stainless steel and graphite materials are also resistant to damaging rust and corrosion that can ruin a rod’s performance.

Along with stainless steel frames, you also have the advantage of the Fuji guides that provide you with a smooth and reliable performance. The guides allow the line to flow smoothly when you cast and retrieve, so you can concentrate on reeling the fish in. The rod also comes with a comfortable, textured grip which prevents the pole from slipping out of wet hands. With an extended handle that fits securely in a holder you can easily fish from the back of a boat, which is always an advantage when you consider the rod’s heavier construction.


Best for surf casting, the Shakespeare 1149-bigspi is a 9-foot fishing rod designed with medium-heavy power, which requires just the right balance of pressure to make the rod bend. That means you have enough power in your hands to cast far and get the most fish under ideal conditions.

Because of its two-piece construction, this fishing rod is pretty easy to carry along in your travel luggage when you have to fly, drive, or commute to your favorite fishing destination. No need to worry about portability with the innovative two-piece design.

The durable Ugly Tuff EVA grips provide easy control and handling of the fishing rod. The EVA grips are resistant to slime, fish oil, and other slippery substances, which can simply be washed away using detergent.

The Fuji graphite reel seats provide easy attachment of your favorite compatible fishing reel. The reel seats also boast exceptional corrosion resistance thanks to the stainless steel reel hood.


One customer commented that the rod has a very stiff tip section, which tends to disable far distance casting due to the lighter weight and less forgiveness when fighting fish.



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Daiwa Beefstick


If you want to use a rod that has been tested for strength and performance, this might be exactly what you are looking for. It is constructed from high quality materials that are designed to last, which is also one of the reasons why this saltwater fishing rod is a popular choice with anglers around the world. You will also appreciate it’s affordable price that is designed to fit most budgets.

This sturdy saltwater fishing rod is rated for heavy action, which gives you the power and control you need to troll for fish in deep and shallow water. It should be noted that since this rod has limited flexibility it might not be the best choice for beginners. Measuring 7 feet in length you can easily make long casts, and while this is a one piece rod it is still convenient to carry.

Featuring a traditional design, this durable rod can easily reel in fish weighing up to 50 pounds. The fiberglass construction is resistant to bending and cracking under heavier weights, and you also have the advantage of the sensitive tip. You can instantly feel when a fish starts to nibble at your bait so you are always ready to securely set your hook. You will appreciate the spinning guides that ensure a smooth release and retrieval, and the smooth aluminum surface won’t cut or tear the line. The lightweight aluminum guides won’t add extra weight to the rod, and are also designed to be resistant to rust and corrosion.

To give this heavy action saltwater rod a sleek and professional appearance the guides are coated with multiple coats of an Epoxy finish. This also gives you a little added protection from damaging corrosion due to constant exposure to saltwater.  Used by professional anglers and tested for durability, you can feel confident that you made a decision when you choose to add this Daiwa rod to your fishing gear.


Built with a rugged, solid fiberglass blank, this fishing rod helps you not lose any fish while providing just the right degree of sensitivity to ensure you won’t be fishing blindly every time. The rod has enough heft in it while being properly balanced for easy control.

The quality stainless, hooded reel seat provides a perfect attachment spot for your fishing reel. It is resilient against corrosion and chipping caused by exposure to water while the hooded configuration provides increased comfort and efficiency.

The hard chrome-treated stainless guides offer a smooth gliding surface through which the fishing line moves and lays flat along the length of the fishing rod. The custom guide wrap comes with a multi-coat epoxy finish that ensures secure attachment of the guides on the rod for fail-safe performance.

The cut-proof aluminum oxide spinning guides help ensure a breakage-free and knot-free fishing line performance every time.


One customer thinks the butt handle is too short, which may just be an issue of personal preference.



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Goture Portable


One of the first aspects you’ll notice about this telescopic fishing rod is its unique design. The varnish finish is baked on to prevent it from cracking or peeling off, and it gives the rod an elegant shine. The handle is also longer than traditional saltwater rods so it sits securely in a holder, and this design also helps to evenly distribute the weight of heavier fish. Not only does this make the rod more comfortable to hold, it can also prevent arm and wrist fatigue that could result in a lost fish.

The lightweight rod is constructed from a durable carbon fiber material that is resistant to breaking under heavier weights. Goture states that this material is “stronger than a steel bar” so you can confidently go after large saltwater fish. To help prevent to rod from fracturing when you are reeling a fish in the carbon fiber material is also evenly distributed. You will appreciate the smooth performance provided by the durable ceramic guides, which are also resistant to damaging corrosion. The ceramic construction produces very little friction so your line can glide smoothly through on casts and retrievals. This also helps to prevent your line from breaking when you are fighting to bring in a heavy fish.

With the adjustable seat you can easily move your reel up and down so you can find a position that works best for you. The seat also holds your reel securely in place so you can concentrate on bringing your fish in. What really sets this rod apart is its ability to extend to its full 7 foot length, and also retract down to a compact size that is easy to store and carry. Perfect for beginners’ just getting used to saltwater fishing and experienced anglers who want a rod that looks different from the rest, this might be exactly what you are looking for.


With its telescopic design, this fishing rod provides problem-free portability. You can easily pop it into your luggage when you have to travel to your favorite fishing destination. It provides easy carrying and deployment at the fishing site.

This fishing rod is made of carbon fiber and alloy to ensure versatility for a variety of fishing conditions thanks to the remarkable sensitivity. This rod is perfect for sea fishing and boat fishing. You’ll love its first-class construction and ultra-hard power rating that makes it rigid and strong enough to handle tough fighting fish.

The rod comes with a comfortable feel in your hand to avoid blisters when you have to hold it for extended periods. It offers a uniform stress capacity for superb balance and handling. It comes with leading-edge 45 degrees of cross carbon fiber technology that delivers high elasticity.

This rod is made with exquisite craftsmanship to deliver the durability you seek for years of service. With ten times the tensile strength of a steel bar, this model has well-distributed carbon filament that prevents easy breakage.


Despite its top-notch construction, this rod is not exactly designed to handle a lot of abuse and punishment when fishing.



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The equipment you use for saltwater fishing should be able to stand up to the demands of the deep blue sea. There are plenty of brands and models claiming to be the best saltwater fishing rods but only a few are able to live up to the rigors of angling for fish that live between the edge of the continental shelf and the shoreline (coastal fish), those that inhabit the sunlight zone in the ocean where there’s not enough light for photosynthesis to occur (deep sea fish), near the surface of a lake or the sea (pelagic fish), near the bottom of the lake or sea (demersal fish) and on coral reefs (coral reef fish).



Saltwater Fishing Rods - An Overview


Whether you’re angling for sea trout, red drum or flounder, being able to enjoy a successful outing into the water entails the use of the best saltwater fishing rod you can get for the money. Thanks to the advancements in fishing equipment technology, saltwater anglers now have a wide range of products to choose from. However, the fact remains that the fisher has to be able to determine which is the right rod for the specific fishing location and that will also be suitable for the type and size of the target fish.

Some models are designed for use with smaller baits to land smaller fish, which are also commonly geared for shallow water fishing. Others are made for landing deep water, large fish using larger bait and hooks.

A combo kit is what a beginner should wield at the onset. This type is equipped with a compatible reel for the rod and frequently also ships with suitable hooks and lines. Theoretically, one can catch any type of fish using any rod. However, as many anglers have proven, attempting to land really large fish using overly lightweight rods is a huge folly, money-wise and ego-wise.


Choosing the right saltwater rod


Typically, but not always, you want a long rod to make further casting. With a lighter trolling line, you need a longer trolling rod that provides the right level of give when the fish fights. Shorter rods are generally used with heavier lines. Lure casting proves to be more effortless with a long rod. For bottom fishing, a shorter rod is more suitable.

The rod can carry ceramic guides, which enable smoother operation while being more costly. Ceramic line guides ensure reduced fraying and longer distance casting. For bottom fishing setups and heavy trolling, roller guides are ideal. Wire line applications require a rod with case hardened stainless steel guides. The cheapest guides are standard metal ones, which are also suitable for bottom fishing purposes.

The section between the reel and the rod’s back tip is referred to as the butt. Generally, a casting rod is characterized by a shorter butt length, compared to spinning rods that have relatively longer ones. A trolling or bottom fishing pole also has a much longer butt than other rods. The butt length really depends on the application for the pole itself. In addition, the angler’s ease of use and comfort are also to be taken into account.



The Action


Not all of the best fishing rods are designed with the same action rating. Action refers to the degree of bend that rod will exhibit under certain levels of pressure or loads. Expressed in a range between slow to ultra- or extra-fast, the action can be slow in a cheaper model.


Slow action

With slow action, nearly the entire length of the rod bends under pressure, which can make heavy bait casting and hook setting quite difficult. When you want slow, gentle casting, this is the rod for you. With very little stiffness, a slow action pole is ideal for extremely small to moderately small species, but not large ones. Use this type of rod with lightweight reels and lines. This kind of pole is suitable for pier and shore fishing as well as casting in shallow water. It is not ideal to use a slow action pole in adverse weather and strong winds.


Medium action

Medium action rods are suitable for most fishing situations, with the butt section not bending quite easily as the top portion. The upper half of their shafts are flexible, making these types versatile. Delivering both long and short casting, a medium action rod provides a gentle yet powerful hurl. It can land both small and large fish as well as any size in between. A medium action rod does not offer quite the same precision casting as fast action poles in adverse weather but does outperform a slow action rod on accuracy. Offering better control and versatility than a fast action pole, a medium action rod is great for a wide variety of fish.

Fast action

A fast action rod bends mainly in the upper segment or tip and possesses much strength in its lower segment, with the upper section of the rod blank being more flexible. It is engineered for catching bigger fish and is suitable for pier fishing, shore casting, offshore fishing and surf fishing. Usable in both deep and shallow water, a fast action rod delivers powerful, far distance casting and can be used with heavy lines, baits and lures. This type is ideal to use in adverse weather conditions as well. Casting accurately in windy weather will be more accurate with a fast action fishing pole than other rod actions. A fast action rod is not usable for: small, enclosed areas; casting in areas with plenty of vegetation and surrounding trees; catching small or timid species.


Ultra fast action

Ultra-fast action fishing rods have a highly rigid butt section with the upper segment bending to pressure suitably. These types are usually on the higher end of the cost spectrum and do offer precise casting performance with light artificial lures. The flexible tip works well with small lures yet the strength of the rod is still adequate to catch larger fish when needed.



Other Saltwater Fishing Gear



A saltwater fishing reel should be durable and able to hold its own when used under the corrosive properties of the water. Line casting should be easy with the reel. Generally, a spinning reel is suitable as it is able to cast far without being affected by the strong wind. It has to hold 100 yards of line. The reel can come pre spooled with fishing line.



Saltwater fishing line is thin yet strong. It should stretch easily and have low memory, or should not retain the shape of the spool easily.



The most common saltwater bait is shrimp. It is best to use live ones in a bucket of water. One can also utilize cut bait, especially in deep sea fishing. Surf fishers use sand fleas as baits.



Fish hooks can be made of high-carbon steel or stainless steel. Small hooks are great for catching smallmouth species. Use the hook size suitable for the fish size.



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