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If you want to find the best fishing gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best kayak fish finders. After analyzing a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional fishermen, we have concluded that the Deeper Smart Portable is the best because it is one of the most versatile choices out there. It can be used with most smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices equipped with Wireless and Bluetooth, which means that you won’t have any trouble distinguishing the structures under your boat as you’ll use the screen of your choice. The capabilities of this fish finder don’t stop here as it can provide info regarding the weather, maps, and even allow you to utilize the diary of the complimentary app. If the Deeper Smart Portable is unavailable, you should consider the Lucky FFW-718 as it is a reliable alternative in terms of performance and quality.



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Our top choices


Deeper Smart


Deeper has designed this unit with usability and performance in mind. It is by far the best kayak fish finder we’ve come across, as it has smart capabilities and is remarkably easy to use, both by the tech-savvy user and by amateur fishermen. The unit has a frequency of 290 khz/90 kHz. The battery life of this model is estimated at 4 hours. The really neat thing about this variety is that it works with an application provided by the manufacturer, which can connect to calendar, weather and map data.

The Deeper is perfectly compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices, which makes fishing an even more pleasurable activity.

Let’s see what customers had to say about this sonar. Something that’s worth mentioning is that over 80% of the individuals who have purchased the Deeper unit were so satisfied with its performance that they ended up writing positive reviews. Most of these buyers praise the great value offered for the price, and even the exception customer service offered by the manufacturing company.


This Bluetooth-connected, castable, portable, and wireless fish finder is engineered to be compatible with iOS and Android devices such as tablets and smartphones. The images are sent directly to the screen of the synced device for the handy viewing of information.

With this device, you have one great tool you can use for a variety of fishing styles. It can be used for fishing on the ice, on a boat, on the shore, riverbank, or in a kayak or a float tube.

In clear conditions, the device offers a connection range of 130 feet for enough depth to go by. The working temperature range of -4°F to 104°F and functionality both in freshwater and saltwater make this model a great companion for any angler anytime.

Thanks to its ability to work on dual frequency sonar beam, the unit lets you get a narrow and a wide cone for an impressive coverage at 15 degrees and 55 degrees, helping you see deeper and more details as well.


One satisfied user suggests the sonar system be outfitted with better maps than the one it comes preloaded with, which would make it even better.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($194.99)





Lucky FFW-718


This is a single-beam unit that has a sonar frequency of 125 kHz. While it might not be as cutting-edge as the formerly described Deeper variety, the Lucky unit certainly does what it is supposed to do and does it well.

Both its performance and its price make it the perfect alternative for people who are only starting out fishing as a hobby. The display is backlit and has a size of 1.61 by 1.89 inches. The Lucky FFW-718 is water-resistant, a feature always to look for in fish finders. The pack includes a variety of accessories, such as a neck strap and a waterproof bag. A sonar transmitter/receiver connector cover is part of the deal with this item.

Customer reviews are raving about the high-quality of the displayed images, and this seems to be the main reason the product has acquired lots of 5-star ratings. Most of the buyers state that this is the best alternative for kayak fishing, as it can be worn around the neck and the battery life is long-lasting.


The dot matrix display on this device is large, adjustable, and comes with high contrast. Thanks to that, you can view details easily and with ample vividness for literally in-depth viewing.

Thanks to the 100 percent waterproof floating sensor, the device is able to obtain sufficient underwater information that can help you plan your fishing strategy properly.

When the sensor is not in the water, it automatically switches off. This preserves the battery life for the next time you go fishing.

The unit also comes with an alarm, an adjustable chart speed, and a separate setting for the depth range and the sensitivity level. All those features enable the easy use of the unit to give you as much information as you need.

You can use this model two ways, with a rod and line or roach pole, and with bait boats, for versatility.


A user found the screen difficult to view with sunglasses on. It also provides no side views, according to the same customer.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($71.9)





Signstek FF-003


If you’ve been looking for a color fish finder but hardly plan to spend a lot of money on a high-end unit, perhaps it’s the right time to check out the specs of the Signstek FF-003. For one, it comes with a color display that makes it easy for users to see where the fish are located even when the sun is up in the sky or during the nighttime.

Secondly, the model is among the most critically acclaimed options out there, which gives a pointer as to how it can serve fishermen. The depth readings offered by the Signstek range from 2 to 240 feet depending on the adjustments that you will be performing.

The Signstek FF-003 is a dual-frequency unit that can be used for fishing both in deep and shallow waters with the same great results. While the size of the display or the color technology that was used in its construction might be less impressive in comparison to the one provided by some of its competitors, the fish finder is entirely capable and will bring you many catches. Besides, you won’t have any trouble operating the device given that it has been designed so that it comes with user-friendly controls.


Equipped with a 2.4-inch TFT LCD, this device provides easy viewing of displayed information even under direct sunlight.

For exceptional image viewing, this model shows 512 colors so you can easily differentiate objects caught in its sonar range. This reduces the guesswork in figuring out what is underwater.

The white LED front light enables you to operate the device even during early morning fishing trips because you can easily operate the buttons.

Utilizing sound waves, the fish finder displays bottom contours. It also enables the hassle-free identification of big and small fish along with their depth, so you know which is a good spot to set up your rig.

Providing 100-level sensitivity settings along with multi-level depth range, this device collects as much underwater information as you need to help you enjoy a productive day in the water. It is also superbly easy to use.


Like any high-quality device, this one should not be used with cheap batteries in order to optimize its functionality and performance.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($107)




Buying guide


Buying the best kayak fish finder is a daunting task, and customers can often times end up feeling baffled about which model they should pick. The market’s filled with good-quality units. If you’re just beginning to look for a unit yourself, you might want to check out the following buying guide we’ve put together in order to help you correlate your needs with the features you might be looking for. Here’s what you should know.

Screen size and resolution

The display is important both in the case of regular fish finders and in the case of kayak units. The screen size has a lot to say when it comes to accurately visualizing what’s going on in the water. Some models have the screen size of ancient mobile phones, which is why those might not do too much in matters of efficiency. The display resolution also has a say, as does a backlit screen.


Desirable features

With kayak fish finders, frequency does not matter a whole deal. Sure, it’s important, as is the wattage, but it isn’t a deal-breaker as in the case of classic fish finders. Desirable features include built-in UniMaps and internal GPS receivers, as well as Down Imaging capabilities.

For your consideration, we’ve compiled a list of the three units that are most acclaimed on the market today. All of the following models have gathered some of the best fish finder reviews, coming from American and international customers alike. They’re well-known for their excellent performance and for being reasonably affordable.



Unavailable products


Lemonbest Portable


When it comes to getting an inexpensive kayak fish finder, the Lemonbest model falls in the middle of the formerly mentioned Lucky and Deeper units.

While some online marketplaces sell it for over one hundred dollars, trusted retailers such as Amazon often offer it for half the price. Unlike the models we’ve showcased above, this is a corded variety, as the transducer sensor has a 10-meter long cable. The transducer features a 45-degree beam angle. One of the net advantages of purchasing the Lemonbest model is that it can be utilized efficiently both for kayak and for ice fishing. Although the display is somewhat smaller compared to other units in the line, it’s has backlighting and is UV-resistant.

Most of the people who have purchased the Lemonbest portable model state that they’ve bought it specifically for kayak fishing. According to these individuals, it has performed wonderfully and has been able to accurately track the depth of the water. Other buyers claim this model makes fishing just too easy for them, which is the whole point of the Lemonbest.





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