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Best hunting boots


Having happy feet when hunting also means your body is prepared to take the demands of your outdoor activity. People have varying needs and preferences on hunting boots, which are available in upland, high country and multipurpose styles. Designed to ensure lightweight walking comfort, upland boots are geared with a light lug design and soil shedding sole. Since upland bird hunting can require miles of walking, you can’t be bothered by too much weight, especially if you consider that your boots can get caked with mud as well. For traction, a heavy-lugged sole won’t do.

High-country boots are what you need for traversing rugged, steep terrain when going after elk, deer, sheep and other large game. High country boots offer extra support for tough hunting situations. Multipurpose boots can be used both for upland and big-game hunting. Engineered for durability, long-lasting use as well as excellent traction, multipurpose boots offer multiple levels of insulation as well.

For sedentary hunting, you may want to invest in boot insulators or overboots. This type of footwear is slipped on when you are already in the blind or the hunting stand. Rubber hunting boots are suitable for hunting in swamps, marshes and creeks.

Good quality boots have an ankle-fit design, better quality boots come with enhanced rubber outsoles, while the best ones have a highly technical design to deliver fantastic performance. You may also want to consider snakeproof construction, steel toes, a waterproof design and a straightforward fit.



For men


Irish Setter 2870 Vaprtrek-M


The Irish Setter Men’s 2870 Vaprtrek-M comes equipped with RPM Technology, which utilizes a breakthrough composite material that works to significantly lessen the weight of the footwear, ensuring exceptional comfort and improved endurance.

There’s durability and strength in these hunting boots minus the added weight. With the exclusive ultra-dry construction from Irish Setter, the boots employ waterproof components along with a moisture management lining to deliver long-lasting wetness-free comfort and reliable performance.

The patented Scent Ban technology is incorporated into the various components of the boots from the lining to the leather to ward off odor-causing bacteria.

The rubber sole provides dependable traction with its multi-faceted construction including the lugs, abrasion resistance panels, heel strike components and more.

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For women


Irish Setter 3887 LadyHawk


Easily the best insulated hunting boots for ladies, the Irish Setter Women’s 3887 LadyHawk are outfitted with 1000 grams Thinsulate Ultra Insulation that handles the terrain really well while shutting out moisture and killing odors effectively.

Equipped with remarkable waterproof construction, the boots have an innovative moisture-wicking lining supplemented with top quality seam-sealed leather to ensure long-lasting performance and comfort along with a reliable ability to keep your feet dry. A layer of abrasion-resistant polyurethane combines with full-grain waterproof leather for remarkable dryness and comfort.

This footwear also comes with Scent Ban added to the linings and uppers to kill odor-causing bacteria so you can keep the element of surprise on your prey. The leather-covered EVA insole and treaded EVA midsole ensure durability for lasting use. The shoes also come with a protective nylon shank that delivers sufficient support to prevent foot fatigue.

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Best hunting gloves


Protection for your hands while hunting may be of little consequence compared to other components of your hunting apparel but hunting gloves are always helpful accessories just the same. Full hunting gloves cover a variety of activities, with some products having a neoprene pointer finger for greater touch sensitivity and maneuverability. Mittens, typically made of wool, may not make the perfect hunting gloves but provide warmth in addition to their versatility.

Riding gloves offer functionality for hunters and horseback riders and are made of a warm material that needs to have extra thickness around the fingers along with an elastication around the wrists to ensure secure wearing during the activity. Fingerless gloves are able to provide warmth while not interfering with the dexterity of your fingers to execute detailed or complex tasks that would be impossible to do with wool- or leather-encased digits.

Falconry gloves come with similar features and designs but in various hues. Hunting gloves can be made of wool in a variety of knit sizes, thicknesses and colors. Look for lanolin-treated woolen gloves. Leather gloves are durable and strong and can last for many years when properly cared for.

The best hunting gloves for cold weather are constructed of Gore-Tex, an extremely water-resistant man-made material that has been gaining popularity as a highly effective outdoor sports clothing material. Fleece gloves offer quick drying capability while being lightweight. Buy gloves that offer the perfect fit for your needs.



Mechanix Wear Tactical MFF-78-010


Made with a comfortable wrist closure, the Mechanix Wear Tactical MFF-78-010 comes with a dense thermoplastic rubber (TPR) closure that ensures a secure yet comfortable fit around the wrists to prevent the gloves from sliding off, while delivering light protection against abrasion and impact.

Constructed with the exclusive Trek Dry material, these hunting gloves help keep your hand comfy and cool in the field so you can hold your weapon well.

The seamless 0.8mm synthetic leather palm delivers an excellent combination of durability and dexterity so you can handle your weapon and do other tasks without your encased fingers getting in the way.

The XRD open-cell foam padding on the pad reduces hand fatigue by effectively absorbing vibration and shock.

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Best hunting socks


Even snow cannot prevent passionate hunters from doing what they enjoy the most. That is why warm hunting socks should be part of the complete hunting apparel. High-quality hunting socks offer comfort and warmth to shield your feet from the extreme cold. They should be able to deliver sufficient cushioning to the feet, which is extremely important considering the amount of walking you have to do to track and observe your prey. Your feet should also stay warm and dry.

The sock should enable sufficient air circulation in your hunting boots or shoes, allowing the natural warmth of your feet to be dissipated well. A pair of sock liners assists in optimizing the functionality of hunting socks. The thermal qualities of hunting socks should be outstanding. The socks should also rate high on durability, which enables them to withstand not just the punishment of walking but also being thrown in the washing machine after every use.

Moisture management and anti-odor capability are also quite essential in a good pair of hunting socks. Moisture management enables the socks to keep your feet comfy and warm. You want premium quality materials to be used in the construction of the socks. They should also prevent blisters by effectively reducing friction between the insole or upper of the hunting boots and the feet.



For men


Arctic Extreme


Made extra warm to enable you to handle the coldest winters outdoors, the Arctic Extreme offers two pairs for the price of one so you also enjoy genuine value for money.

Delivering padded comfort, these hunting socks have been designed for hiking, sports and skiing and are 7 times warmer compared to cotton socks.

They are also softer than wool and offer a non-itchy texture to keep your feet comfy and warm with their heavy brushed fuzzy lining.

The ribbed top is designed to stay up so the socks are kept from sliding down. Made of thick thermal yarn, the socks come with moisture wicking capability to keep your feet dry so you can handle the outdoor trail even in cold weather.

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For women


Browning Hosiery 2/8548


Designed to be a heavyweight pair of socks, the Browning Hosiery 2/8548 comes as a two-pack product to give consumers value for money.

They are perfect for use in cold weather and come with exclusive moisture management to keep your feet dry and toasty.

The socks come with full cushion leg and foot as well as arch support to ensure a good fit.

The flat toe seam ensures blister-free feet with these ultra-soft merino wool socks.

Made in the USA, these socks are made of 65 percent acrylic, 20 percent merino wool, 13 percent nylon and 2 percent spandex for reliable comfort, adequate stretch and air circulation, dramatically reducing foot fatigue.

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Best hunting pants


The construction of your hunting pants as well as the materials they are made of determine the benefits you can get from wearing them. Specialty hunting apparel, including hunting pants, have resulted from the evolution in material technology with improved as well as new synthetic materials being used in hunting clothing. There are just some things that synthetic hunting clothing material can provide and that natural materials just cannot seem to come up to.

Synthetic hunting clothing material comes with ultra-warm yet thin insulation as well as breathable fabrics and waterproof capability. Before the purchase of this type of apparel, you will have to consider the exact type of hunting you will do while wearing them because hunting pants for hot weather are not exactly appropriate for cold weather hunting.

This is why it’s sensible to purchase a different pair of pants for cold weather and for hot weather hunting use. The conditions for warm weather hunting can be quite different from those in cold weather hunting. Factors such as warmth, durability, water resistance and many others will be the bases of your choice. You want your hunting socks to be able to withstand wear and tear considering what your feet are typically subjected to in the field. You want them strong enough to withstand ripping and tearing and getting easily caught on wayward branches and twigs.



For men


Carhartt Camo B235


Made of 100 percent cotton duck, these lightweight hunting pants come with a fantastic Realtree Hardwoods high-definition pattern that keeps you hidden from your target.

The double-tool pocket on the right leg holds small hunting essentials within easy reach. The pants are made to sit slightly below the natural waist to deliver a good fit.

A great choice for outdoor activities, the Carhartt Men’s Camo B235 comes with a full seat and thigh for problem-free movement while hunting.

The pants also have two reinforced back patch pockets along with a ruler pocket and hammer loop, so you’ll have your hunting tools handy at all times.

The 19-inch leg openings are wide enough to fit easily over hunting boots for effortless coordination and integration.

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For women


Under Armour Ayton


Made using ultra-quiet 300g performance fleece fabric, the Under Armour Ayton hunting pants are easily the best waterproof hunting pants because they are constructed with an exceptional, smooth finish to protect you from the elements of outdoor hunting.

The soft brushed interior traps heat and dissipates it to ensure all-day wearing comfort. The fully-taped seams ensure a good and snug fit without the pants getting torn apart easily.

The breathable 100 percent material the pants are made of ensures a cool feeling so when the going gets tough, you won’t have to sweat excessively just to regulate your body temperature.

For easy on and off, the legs are zippered. Cargo pockets are available to put your hunting essentials in and within easy reach at all times.

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Best hunting bib


A good hunting bib should not be too tight so your gut can breathe even if you layer tucked longjohns, a pair of undershirts along with a heavy shirt into it. As much as possible, get a pair of hunting bibs that is one-size bigger compared to your actual waist measurement. The inseam of the bib should go all the way to support the clothing so you can comfortably sit crouch without your legs being exposed to the cold, insects and the wind.

Specialty hunting bibs are made tougher than regular apparel. They should offer a weather-resilient shield so you can go through the hunting path without worrying about getting wet or exposed to the elements. A good quality hunting bib comes with scent-free technology that absorbs human scent to mask it effectively so the prey doesn’t detect your presence. You want a good number of pockets on the pants and they need to be designed with safety in mind while being able to carry your hunting essentials and to keep them handy on the go.

The material of the bib should be able to conceal and make you blend into the surroundings using breathable materials that ensure comfort as well as noiseless movement in the wild. You want reinforced seams for rip-free or tear-free wearing, along with removable liners that enable the adjustment of comfort levels as demanded by the weather.



For men


10X X96110AX9


Allowing you to enjoy warmth, dryness and performance while on the move, the 10X X96110AX9 is an insulated garment that answers the need for a dependable pair of overalls for the serious hunter.

Made of 100 percent 6-ounce polyester, this hunting bib is machine washable for easy and convenient maintenance.

The polyester material is waterproof and breathable for comfortable wearing. The seams are sealed for remarkable protection from the elements of the outdoors including the wind, insects and the cold.

This bib also boasts diamond-quilted Thinsulate insulation to keep you warm and comfy when the weather is extra chilly.Helping to keep you undetected by the prey, the bib is integrated with a lining infused with Scentrex scent control formula so you can be hidden from the hunted animal’s acute sense of smell.

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For women


Walls 93205AX9


Made of 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester, the Walls 93205AX9 offers the perfect fit along with stylish plum accents for a distinctively feminine look.

If you seek superior functionality blended with outstanding water-repellent material, this bib is for you. This bib is conveniently machine washable for easy maintenance. The durable shell ensures protection from the elements of your hunting environment for years of use.

The contrasting plum fabric inside the waistband delivers a fashionable yet hunting-friendly finish. This bib comes with drawcords at the hem of the legs to allow effortless adjustment as needed.

It also features two front swing pockets, a cargo pocket on the left leg plus a welt pocket on the back of the right leg to hold your hunting essentials within easy reach.

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Best hunting jacket


A hunting jacket provides warmth and protection from the elements regardless of the type of hunting you do. Hunting jackets are made of various types of materials, with each kind having its own benefits and drawbacks. Many modern hunting jackets are made of the man-made material called Gore-Tex, which is designed to be resilient to moisture. Water beads on the surface of Gore-Tex rather than soaking into the fibers, and it is quite durable while being extremely breathable.

Tweed is considered traditional hunting jacket material. It is a variety of wool that is resilient against damage and moisture as well as odor. Aside from Tweed, there are other forms of wool, which is popular in jacket making.

Wool is capable of keeping heat in so you feel warm even when the weather is extra chilly. However, when wool gets wet, it gets really heavy and smelly. Quilted polyester jackets are quite good at trapping heat to keep you consistently warm on the move. Polyester is comparatively water resistant but can also be treated with waterproof sprays for enhanced protection. However, smells tend to stick to polyester, presenting an issue when hunting with dogs and horses.

Waxed cotton ·is widely used in jackets because of how it is suitable for the most demanding hunting situations. The wax on the cotton fabric ensures a water-resistant shell while being inexpensive to maintain. You want your hunting jacket to exhibit a good blend of comfort and convenience.



For men


Stormr R415MF-RT-3XL-Parent


One of the best hunting jackets around, the Stormr R415MF-RT-3XL-Parent keeps you warm and dry even in the most extreme hunting situations.

Equipped with the exclusive Neoprene Core Technology, this jacket is made of waterproof and windproof materials that exhibit high stretch to ensure easy fit and freedom of movement. The water-repellent finish ensures you stay dry and warm even when the weather is not so friendly when hunting.

Delivering durability, this jacket has all its seams blind-stitched, glued and thermal-taped to keep the cold, wind and moisture out. The adjustable waistband comes with two interior cord locks that deliver a snug and secure fit.

The Realtree Max-4 camo design supports the need to stay hidden while hunting.

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For women


Legendary Whitetails


Easily the best hunting jacket for cold weather for ladies, the Legendary Whitetails hoodie is a midweight piece of clothing designed for the modern woman who loves hunting as much as she loves living.

The silky soft brushed interior ensures exceptional comfort. This hoodie is equipped with a quarter zip to enable easy on and off.

The all-camo pattern ensures that the female hunter stays hidden from the prey during the activity. The midweight smooth finish is made of 100 percent poly fleece for durability, comfort and resistance to the elements.

This is the ultimate go-to hoodie for the serious female hunter.

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What other kinds of hunting apparel do I need?


Aside from having the best hunting camo clothing, you will also need to have other hunting apparel to ensure a total hunting experience. There are other hunting apparel choices that help you stay warm, dry and comfortable on the hunting trail. These include thermal face masks, which are fundamentally a hat with a pull-down face mask.

Good quality hunting apparel in this category comes with a mask that you tuck up into the hat, which should be made of high-quality material such as polyester mixed with spandex for some stretch as well as durability. The thermal face mask you buy should ensure comfort with a moisture-wicking inner lining. Some products even incorporate an anti-microbial finish to prevent odor-causing bacteria.

Stealth beanies or knit caps ensure warmth in cold weather. A stealth beanie comes with a basic, tapering construction and provides an extremely common form of headgear not only for hunters but also for anglers, seafarers and others who work in the outdoors. A stealth beanie provides comfort and warmth so you stay focused on hunting even when the weather is extremely chilly. Good quality stealth beanies come with mesh lining that wicks moisture or sweat away so your head stays dry and comfortable.

Hunting caps should ideally feature a camo design as well. Make sure the hunting cap is designed with lasting durability, and a snap closure to ensure a comfort fit without being so tight it can give you a headache after prolonged wearing, or too loose to get easily blown away by the wind. The cap should offer easy spot cleaning for worry-free maintenance.

Rugged outdoor wear for hunting also includes hunting hats. Good quality hunting hats come with a pre-weathered look that enables you to jump into the action confidently. Some have a unique tight straw weave on the brim for long life, along with nicely-spaced weaves on the crown for optimal ventilation and comfort even during warm days of hunting. You want the hat to be lightweight for easy wearing.

An insulated neck gaiter combines headgear and neck gear in one product. You want a neck gaiter to be warm and comfortable for long hunting trips in cold weather. The material should be soft and comfortable, preferably of polyester. You want insulation without the bulk, as warmth doesn’t have to come with heavy weight. Premium neck gaiters are made of scent-control fabric that keeps you undetected by your prey especially when you have to shoot really close. Some have a reversible design with a blaze or bright orange side for easy sighting by fellow hunters.

Sunglasses used for hunting should be polarized to reduce glare. You want your hunting sunglasses to be ultra-lightweight yet durable. Great-quality sunglasses are engineered to withstand intense temperatures as well as high-speed collisions or impact. They even come with an exclusive anti-ocular intrusion technology that ensures that broken lenses will not shoot towards the eyes during high impact. Make sure the sunglasses have well-designed temple ends that hug behind the ears to ensure a pinch-free snug fit.

There’s a wide variety of other hunting apparel that can coordinate well with your primary hunting garments. Choose well so you can enjoy years of productive hunting in any season.




How to choose the best hunting clothes


Clothes make the man they say, so hunting clothes also make the hunter. Just as your choice of hunting weapons determines how best you can optimize your hunting skills, your choice of hunting clothes also influences, albeit indirectly, your success in the field. If you feel uncomfortable in your hunting clothes, you may have your focus affected as well. So what makes the best hunting clothes top rated?


Factor in the type of hunting you will be doing

For upland hunting of small game and pheasant, your choice of hunting clothes should enable flexibility and mobility. You will be doing plenty of walking and your body will ultimately accumulate plenty of warmth, so insulation won’t be such a big deal. This is unlike when you are sitting in a blind just waiting for the prey to get into view. For those who hunt waterfowl, it is important to go for hunting apparel made of water repellent material.

During the early hunting season, warmth is not so essential. How to stay cool during hot afternoons is going to be an issue. As November rolls in, so will the cold and snow along with it. That’s when warmth is definitely going to be a priority. The deer season in the Midwest can become harshly cold, which makes insulation of primary importance.

You can use thermal underwear as a sensible base. You can also select from a wide array of pants/parka/bib combinations to keep you warm and toasty in a hunting blind. Bulk is less a priority than flexibility. There has to be a great balance between warmth and movement, which will come with a price, so be prepared with a budget for that.

Extra heat can be obtained from battery-powered socks and gloves to chase away the extreme chill. Hunting hats, muffs and hand warmers can also do the trick. Insoles are good foot warmers, as they come with linings that incorporate a heating element that goes to work by providing up to 5 hours of heat when exposed to open air.

Layering is vital considering how heading out to the field at 6 am will feel quite different from traversing the trail around 7 to 8 hours later when the sun is already low on the horizon. Use hats, rainwear, vests and jackets that are easy to remove when the weather gets warmer later in the day.

Since hunting typically involves plenty of walking, make sure to wear the best backcountry hunting boots that deliver comfort to support the activity. You want boots that really fit if you want your feet to be free from blisters with all the extended walking you have to do. The linings should not become wrinkled, folded and extremely uncomfortable. For upland hunting, your soles are going to get plenty of mud on the soles, making your hunting boots heavier. Aside from good traction, you may want a less aggressive cleat pattern on the soles to prevent mud from sticking to them. You should also make sure to clean off the accumulated dirt from your boots after hunting.


Know that hunting clothes should also promote your safety

As mentioned in the above paragraphs, you will need to be dressed based on the type of hunting you will do. That said, you will also need to remember that your safety is of utmost priority as well. The use of deadly weapons for hunting requires that you keep safe as well. Bright orange hunting apparel will keep you visible to other hunters in your party along with other hunters in the field.

Many states actually require hunters to use orange safety gear either by all or only a specific cluster of hunters in their particular areas. Blaze orange or bright orange is specified in such cases and in the form of hunting vests, which facilitate easy on and off. A safety hat presents too small a plane to see clearly in the wild. The vest should be equipped with plenty of pockets to keep the various hunting gear within easy reach.

Make sure your hunting clothes are not too loose nor too tight to interfere with free mobility. Extremely loose sleeves might keep you from taking easy aim and ensuring a good shot. You want a great balance between comfort and easy movement.

Even when you dress to be visible to other hunters, your hunting clothes should still keep you hidden from your prey.

Camouflage patterns are extremely helpful because of how they make you bend in with the rest of the natural surroundings when hunting. Most often, camo patterns come in browns and dark greens. However, they do come in a variety of styles and colors to suit a variety of hunting environments.

Those who hunt in snowy climates during winter can benefit hunting clothes with snow camouflage or white instead of green tones. Check out hunting clothes made with photo-realistic likenesses of natural wilderness scenes such as snow, desert or trees.

When hunting in mature hardwood forests, you will notice plenty of large leaves during the early season, transitioning eventually into networks of bare branches as autumn comes. Your hunting clothes should come with dark and blotchy shapes in tones of greens or browns and in ovals or diamonds. Some patterns look stealthy enough for use in the later segment of deer season when branches are laid bare and colors give way to grays and browns.

In mature conifer forests, the environment is darker than in hardwood ones. There will be significant quantities of brown and dark green shades as well as a variety of types of branch patterns. Those that work in mature hardwood forests can also work well here. In brush country, you have brushy hedgerows as well as naturally shrubby areas interspersed with plenty of shades of browns and branches. You want similarly dense patterns to match such densely covered areas.

Hunting in open prairie areas will require camo patterns with lighter shades of browns and yellows for concealment. Desert camo patterns also come in those styles. Hunting for sheep can have you scaling granite outcrops or slopes of shale, so go for camo patterns with gray shades to enable easy blending with the rocky background.

The Ghillie suit offers complete camouflage as it blends hunting clothing and hunting accessory in a single item. Designed to be worn over clothes, a ghillie suit is typically made from mesh that is adorned with twigs, leaves and other flora, producing a fully enclosed hiding place for the user. Suitable for military operations, a ghillie suit is effective at keeping soldiers or snipers hidden.

With the extra-acute sense of smell that animals have, it is essential that hunters use clothes that support the objective of keeping the user hidden not just to the sight, but to the olfactory and auditory senses of the prey. This is where scent and noise come into play in hunting clothes. Some clothing can be noisier than others based on the material it is constructed of. If you can hear your pants whooshing and crinkling with every move you make, there’s a high likelihood that deer will hear it too.

Masking the human scent is essential as well. This makes scent masking vital too, especially if you are a muzzle or bowhunter, which requires that you get as close as possible to the prey. Therefore, you might want to look into the value of hunting clothing that effectively absorbs the human scent to filter it out. Charcoal offers excellent odor filtration. Clothing that has a thin layer of it in the fabric can help keep you off from your prey’s sense of smell.

Do not use floral-perfumed fabric conditioner on clothes. Floral-scented detergent is also a no-no. To ensure complete stealth, use odor neutralizers or attractants. If you’ve watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, you’ll know what we mean, as there’s a scene there that shows Eddie Redmayne’s character Newt Scamander using pheromone scent to lure one of the strange creatures he has to bring back inside his briefcase. Commercial odor neutralizers are usually sprayed, washed or rolled into clothing or dispersed on surrounding vegetation before the hunt. Use a variety of scent neutralization techniques that suit your hunting style.



What to wear when hunting


When hunting, the clothes that you wear should support two things: comfort and fun. By comfort, we mean the best hunting clothes keep you warm and dry. By fun, we mean freedom of movement and freedom from such exasperating things as itch and rash. A primary rule is not to wear cotton, which tends to absorb moisture pretty quickly. Considering you have to trudge on wet grass along the way, you should avoid cotton clothes because they tend to become heavier because of the extent of absorption the material exhibits.

Instead of effectively wicking wetness away from your skin, cotton simply soaks it up and gets the wetness close to your skin, leaving an icky feeling. The same goes with cotton socks. If you were to use waterproof hunting boots with cotton socks inside, the waterproof capability of the boots would amount to nothing.

Wool, on the other hand, stays warm even when it gets wet. Wool is also fire resistant. However, even with the way wool stays warm even when wet, once the material starts soaking up moisture, the heavier it becomes, and add that to the fact that it takes a long time to dry, wool may not be what you have in mind for a good hunting experience.

First invented in 1979, polar fleece, more commonly known as fleece, was unable to pick up in popularity as material for outdoor apparel until the early 1990s. Commonly classed in thickness or weight ranges, fleece varies from the lightest being microfleece at 100 to 200 and 300 as the heaviest.

Because fleece is readily flammable, it has to be treated with fire retardant. Even a tiny ember could easily create a hole on fleece upon contact. Polyester clothing is worth investing in as well since together with fleece, it is soft and lightweight even when worn in layers, keeping you comfy and warm. The two materials are highly breathable and non-absorbent too, wicking moisture away from the skin.

Take note that fleece is not windproof because of its extreme breathability. It also tends to produce much static electricity. To combat this, get yourself a full-length zipper jacket over a micro fleece shirt with a camouflage pattern. Some premium quality fleece jackets and fleece pants even come with scent blockers. Hoodies would be nice as well but do make sure they carry hunting-friendly patterns. You don’t want your clothes too colorful or multihued for the prey to spot you more than you spot them. It defeats the entire objective of stealth needed for hunting.

Merino wool socks that have polyester liners offer moisture wicking technology while keeping your feet warm. The liners also minimize the incidences of blisters. Your hunting boots need to be waterproof and with good insulation from the cold. They have to offer good traction as the hunting terrain can turn wet and ugly. Look for popular brands that have gotten good reviews to ensure you are indeed getting the best waterproof hunting clothes. Investing sensibly on hunting clothes will go a long way to ensuring your outings do not leave you all wet, uncomfortable and regretting why you went out to brave the elements in the first place.




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