Freshwater spinning reels - Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you want to find the best fishing gear but you don’t have the time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best freshwater spinning reels. After analyzing a lot of feedback coming both from amateur and professional fishermen, we have concluded that the Piscifun Steel Feeling is the best as it seems to have been built to offer cutting-edge performance considering that it manages to raise up to par regardless of the harshness of the fishing conditions. This model features an all-metal body as well as a CNC-machined aluminum spool which add to the overall value of the item. Besides, the Piscifun is one of the best rated freshwater spinning reels, as most fishermen have nothing but good things to say about the way it serves them. If the Piscifun Steel Feeling is unavailable, you should consider the Tact-Pro Open Face as it is a reliable alternative in terms of quality and performance.



Our top choices


The best products in this category will be showcased below. We’ve taken the time to see what beginning and well-seasoned fishermen had to say about these reels so that our selection is based entirely on the customer feedback and performance ratings. Seeing how these reels are reliable, sturdy, and perfectly capable of doing what they’re supposed to do, we felt compelled to recommend them to you.



Piscifun Steel Feeling


The Piscifun Steel Feeling is one of the most remarkable alternatives we’ve come across while doing our research, and that doesn’t come as a surprise considering how versatile and convenient it is.

Besides, the model has been built out of top-notch materials and comes with an all-metal body as well as a spool made of CNC-machined aluminum.

What’s more, all the bearings that you might find in this reel when trying to clean and maintain it are made of stainless steel, which definitely says something about the durability and efficiency of these components.

Other attractive features belonging to the Piscifun Steel Feeling consist of a double bearing supported pinion gear, slow oscillation, as well as carbon fiber drag material.

Given that the unit has garnered some of the most favorable freshwater spinning reel reviews, it goes without saying that it is worth a look before you make up your mind on buying one of its competitors.

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Tact-Pro Open Face


If you’re just starting out and you don’t have any intention to break the bank when it comes to getting a dependable spinning reel, perhaps it’s high time you checked out the specs of the Tact-Pro Open Face, considering that we’ve noticed that it usually costs less than forty dollars.

There are several notable differences between the formerly showcased model and this one, and the crucial one seems to be that the Tact-Pro features a plastic body instead of an all-metal one, as does the Piscifun.

However, some of the critical components in this reel have been made either with aluminum or with copper alloy, as is the case with the spool and principal axis, respectively.

In a nutshell, the Tact-Pro is relatively easy to work with given that it has such a lightweight structure.

Besides, it comes with ten ball bearings as well as a 5.0:1 gear ratio, which makes it raise up to par both in freshwater and saltwater conditions.

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KastKing Mela


Everyone wants to get as much value from a freshwater spinning reel as possible, which is why it might be a good idea to consider the KastKing Mela, as well.

We’ve noticed that during the last couple of years, this brand has invested much time and effort in creating innovations that can significantly improve the performance of reels.

This particular unit features 10 + 1 shielded steel bearings and an instant stop anti-reverse, as well as a handle and spool constructed out of CNC-machined aluminum.

The product is both lightweight and capable of outstanding performance, and the latter is due to the carbon fiber drag system that the KastKing Mela has been equipped with.

As for durability, you won’t have anything to worry about regarding this model given that it features a graphite body with a carbon finish that has been tested and proven to be resistant to corrosion.

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Buying guide


Spinning reels are different from their counterparts mostly because they are intended for freshwater fishing and are usually made to handle most fishing and water scenarios. Depending on their size and features, they can be used to target larger or smaller fish, which is why you ought to be aware of the species you might be interested in catching before selecting one model over the next. What is the best freshwater spinning reel? If you’re having trouble answering that question and hardly know what characteristics are mandatory to choosing the perfect unit, just keep reading.


One of the first factors to take into account is that you won’t be needing a super-heavy spinning reel if you plan to do some freshwater fishing. In most cases, ultra-light and light-medium units offer the best results for a wide variety of fish. As such, ultra-light versions can be used for catching trout, panfish, and crappie whereas their light-medium counterparts work best when fishing in lakes and rivers where larger fish such as bass and catfish reside. Typically, the smaller the reel, the more affordable it will be. However, there are some price differences between models that can be found online and at specialized stores given that not all models are created the same.



Instead of tackling the material that the body, spool, and gears have been constructed of, we’ve decided to recommend you to stick to versions that have been built mostly out of metal parts. It goes without saying that the abuse that a spinning reel has to take once in a while should mean that it is durable enough to withstand all that pressure. If most of the components, especially the gears, are made out of plastic, they will undoubtedly not last a long time.


Ball bearings

As is the case with any other type of reel you may be interested in purchasing at some point or the other, you’ll have to select a unit that comes with as many ball bearings as you can afford. The number matters a lot but you should also look at whether or not these ball bearings are made of steel or stainless steel, and come along with an anti-reverse additional bearing.



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