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If you want to find the best fishing gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best fishing tackle box. After analyzing a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional fishermen, we have concluded that the Plano Angled 728-000 is the best because of how it undergoes testing for durability at the factory. This amazing tackle box is made in the USA, ensuring you of dependable quality components and craftsmanship. The three included 3600-size StowAway utility boxes enable easy organization of your fishing tackle while ensuring security with the angled storage platform. A truly compact storage system, this model ensures easy organized storage and access to your fishing gear. The main compartment houses the utility boxes at a convenient 15-degree angle to enable hassle-free access. If the Plano Angled 728-000 is unavailable, you should consider the Plano 7771 Guide Series as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



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Plano Angled 728-000 


Designed with the same practical functionality and dependable performance as any other Plano Angled Stowaway system, the Plano Angled 728-000 is made in the USA. This ensures dependable quality components and superior craftsmanship while being subjected to quality control at the factory, for use during many fishing seasons down the road.

This tackle box is solidly constructed by Plano Molding Company, a firm that was founded on the premise that outdoor adventures are way more than just the game undertaken or the fish caught but a lot more of the experience you take home with you every time. This storage system enables anglers to pursue their passion with determination and an objective for success.

This stowaway system utilizes a revolutionary storage concept employing three innovative 3600-size StowAway utility boxes that feature an angled storage platform. This stowaway system makes it easy to organize and access your essential fishing gear thanks to the way it simplifies storage and presentation of your equipment.

Tested for durability, this tackle box comes with a primary compartment that lets you access the utility boxes at a 15-degree angle. The DuraView covers and doors provide easy viewing and securing of the stored gear. This makes a great investment for those who value their entire tackle collection.

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Plano 7771 Guide Series


Designed with ample space or room to take all your small fishing essentials in, the Plano 7771 Guide Series is a Pro System that lets you store all you need for a successful fishing adventure every time.

This tackle box is designed as a complete hard storage system with a dependably solid construction for years of use. Inside are four StowAway systems along with three removable spinnerbait racks that offer top access. This tackle box enables you to quickly reach into the racks to take anything you need while fishing, whether it’s some fishing line or baits and lures. Beneath the lid, you get spacious bulk storage to handle your fishing sunglasses, fishing knife and other types of fishing gear that can’t be accommodated in the StowAways.

The clear DuraView cover enables you to view the contents of the StowAways easily, so you can quickly get what you need without the necessity of rummaging through all the utility boxes inside. The overmolded handle provides a comfort grip for hassle-free carrying of this innovative tackle box to any fishing location.

Made of graphite/sandstone, this tackle box provides dependable functionality through many fishing seasons, serving as your carry-all for your go-to gear. It measures 21.25″ L X 12.0″ W X 12.0″ H, ensuring easy fit into your car trunk for problem-free transport or as check-in luggage if you love flying to fishing destinations.

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Plano 7603 Flip Sider


Constructed using premium quality components, the Plano 7603 Flip Sider provides enough space in which to carry all your fishing essentials with ease. This three-tray tackle box uses an ingenious cantilever tray design that extends open to give you easy access to the stored contents. This means you can easily view the contents and take what you need easily and quickly to help you focus on fishing.

The sturdy fold-down handle ensures that the case can be carried from one fishing location to another quite easily. The brass bailed latch keeps the lid tightly closed to store your fishing gear collection securely and in an organized fashion.

The brass bailed design also enables you to quickly open the tackle box to access your gear inside. Since every item can be seen at a glance, you won’t have to search too long to find what you need.

This tackle box features two top access storage areas both on the left and right sides for even more storage space. This model easily stores in the trunk of your car for easy transport thanks to its compact yet durable 16.25″ L X 9″ W X 8.375″ H dimensions. It offers enough storage space to hold those fishing essentials you can’t afford to leave behind.

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Buying guide


Look for a fishing tackle box for sale with a waterproof design

The primary reason for getting a tackle box is to protect your gear, and unless the model you get is waterproof, it is just a useless investment. Imagine opening your tackle box only to find that everything is rusted over. There’s nothing more exasperating than that, right? Premium quality tackle boxes come with the ability to withstand the occasional splash or rain exposure. This ensures protection from corrosion for your small fishing gear. You want a tackle box that won’t let water through unless it is left open or completely submerged.

Choose products in the best fishing tackle box reviews that feature easy organization of items

A tackle box is designed for storage, and it should be reliable and efficient at that. Never choose a tackle box because of looks alone. Remember: once you get a tackle box, you’re pretty much committed to it. Not only should it be an expression of your personal fishing style but it should make a statement based on functionality. The tackle box should be able to handle all sorts of lines, lures, hooks and other pieces of equipment you need for your type of fishing. The stored items should be easy to store in an orderly manner. Make sure it comes with adjustable slots and good tray levels as well as easy compartmentalization. Pull-out drawers are nice for easy access and stowing.


Even a fishing tackle box starter kit should be solidly constructed

There are solid plastic boxes or molded ones as well as regular metal units. Some tackle cases are enveloped in strong nylon material with mesh pockets and carrying straps for problem-free storage of and access to small items and trouble-free carrying. At the most, you should be able to stand on the tackle box with your full weight and it won’t break apart. This proves sufficient hardiness. Bear in mind that your fishing lifestyle could subject the tackle box to various types of pressure and thus, it should be able to withstand the impact of such accidental events as dropping to ensure protection for the stored items. The handles should be easy to hold and the latches secure and solid. Overall, you want a tackle box that answers your need for storage based on the type of fishing you do.

The market offers a wide range of choices on tackle boxes, which can somewhat complicate the entire buying experience. We designed the above buying guide to simplify your decision-making process.




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