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If you want to find the best fishing gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best fly fishing rod. After analyzing a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional fishermen, we have concluded that the Goture Portable Carbon Fiber Telescopic is the best because it has a lightweight and durable construction, and while it does measure 9 feet in length since it is retractable it is easy to carry with the rest of your gear. The strong carbon fiber construction ensures that it can go after larger fish without breaking, and this lightweight material won’t cause arm fatigue even if you are casting all day. The handle is also comfortable to grasp, even with a heavy fish on your line. If the Goture Portable Carbon Fiber Telescope is not available, you should consider the Shimano Stimula as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



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Goture Portable 


Extraordinary convenience makes the Goture Portable Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod a popular choice with anglers across the US. Toting along a 9 feet fishing rod can be a real hassle, especially for anglers who prefer traveling a lot; because this model is retractable and highly portable, you will not encounter the same problems that long fishing poles usually pose. A good choice for sea fishing and boat fishing, this particular fly fishing rod is highly appreciated by the anglers who have already tried it.

Made of carbon fiber, the rod is very lightweight and elastic, which means that it will not break with ease. With a tensile strength that is 10 times higher than that of a steel bar, expect a sturdy rod that will serve you for a long time.

A practical choice, this bass fishing rod will allow you to fix the fishing reels as you like. The handle is anti slip and it feels really great in your hand. This first class rod does not offer only great performance; it also comes with great looks and you will surely appreciate the finesse and elegance exuded by the Goture Portable Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod.

Why is this model great for bass fishing? Despite its very light weight and elegance, this one is a reliable choice that makes things much easier when you are after some big fish. The handle is extensible, so it deals really well with the fatigue generated by a big fish struggling in your hook. The carbon fiber construction makes sure that the stress is uniformly distributed, so you will not have to struggle to get the fish to the shore.

A reliable option for anyone who wants to start bass fishing, this model is great for catching any type of fish using sea or boat fishing. The great news is that the model sells for a really great price and it is a recommended choice for anyone shopping for fishing gear on a budget.


Considering its innovatively portable, telescopic design, the Goture provides the best means to enjoy fishing during travel. This revolutionary fishing rod retracts easily so you can effortlessly put it into your luggage when flying or driving to a favorite vacation destination. The exquisite workmanship of the rod ensures many years of use.

This fishing rod boasts cutting-edge X45 degrees of cross carbon fiber technology, which boasts a lightweight and highly elastic configuration. The revolutionary fiber technology helps the angler put up a fight with the fish, with the rod absorbing all the jerking of the fish to turn the battle their way.

This German-made fishing rod is made with 98 percent carbon fiber content and a tensile strength ten times that of a steel bar. The carbon filament is well dissipated to effectively prevent breakage. The SIC ceramic guides on the rod boast a higher degree of hardness while ensuring a lighter weight and better prevention of heat or friction buildup.

With reduced friction, the abrasion against the fishing line is also decreased, so there is less likelihood of line breakage.


Because of its telescopic design, this rod is not really designed to handle too much weight and abuse. One user feels multi-piece rods such as this one tend to be a bit more fragile than single-piece configurations.



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Shimano Stimula


The Shimano Stimula is among the top rated alternatives in the line, but that comes as no surprise considering that it has been constructed by one of the most well-known brands in the industry of hunting and fishing merchandise. There are several reasons you might feel tempted to choose this option, and the first is the fact that it doesn’t cost a lot of money. From what we’ve seen, there are many online marketplaces that sell this rod for less than one hundred dollars, making it one of the budget-friendly products in the line.

Secondly, prospective buyers have a lot of freedom concerning the power they might want to pick, in that they can choose the right rod specifically tailored for species such as bass, panfish, or even catfish or salmon. It all depends on the ones you might be interested in targeting and whether or not they have a high chance of showing up in the area where you plan to do your fishing.

The rod has all of the characteristics a fisherman keen on spinning rods might want from such an item. From aluminum oxide guides to a Shimano reel seat, an EVA butt cap, an excellently designed hook keeper and a custom-shaped cork handle, you name it; it’s very likely that the Shimano Stimula has it. Plus, the product is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty which gives customers enough time to realize whether it is the one they might require for their tasks or not.

Over eighty individuals took the time to write detailed positive reviews about the Shimano Stimula, which goes to show just how impressive its characteristics really are. Most of the reviewers praise the tremendous value offered for the price, and there are some buyers who were set on declaring that the features of this cost-efficient rod might just as easily have belonged to an expensive option.


The Shimano Stimula STS56UL2A-16 2-piece fishing rod is precisely designed for spin fishing. Manufactured in multiple actions, this fishing rod can be used to capture panfish, bass, and trout, as well as larger fish such as the salmon or catfish using the heavier rods in the product line. The rich look of this fishing rod will not leave any discriminating fisherman disappointed in any way.

The low profile aluminum oxide guides provide a means of keeping the fishing line perfectly flat along the length of the fishing rod to avoid tangles and knots. The guides also keep the line resilient against heat buildup to avoid easy line breakage.

The Shimano reel seat delivers a dependably secure attachment of a compatible fishing reel. The cushion-shaped cork handle provides ergonomic handling while guaranteeing reliable sensitivity and less effortful control during rod use.

The EVA butt cap helps customize the fishing rod and also enables you to position the rod against your body during a protracted battle with the fish.


This rod is not exactly designed for landing larger fish and is meant more for medium and medium light action.



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Tica SMHA Series


If you are the type of angler who prefers to go bass fishing, you will find the Tica SMHA Series Spinning Fishing Rod to be the perfect choice for your needs. These rods are built of high quality graphite, they are very lightweight and they are very forgiving for beginners. More seasoned anglers prefer them because of the consistent quality of the cast they provide and they are also affordably priced, an important aspect than not only those who are budget conscious keep in mind in this day and age.

The model is ideal for more than just bass fishing, though. If you like fishing trout or walleye, you will also discover that this particular fly rod is an exceptional option. You can use it with both lures and live bait, so you can catch all the fish you want. Saltwater species of fish are no match for this great quality fishing rod and you can catch all the bass, catfish and trout you want, once you are equipped with this great piece of fishing equipment.

Everything about this bass fishing rod spells quality, as you will notice right away by taking a look at all the components. The stainless steel guides do not rust with ease, the reel seat is made of graphite and very lightweight and the cork tape handle will prevent any accidental slips. The foldable hook keeper is also made of stainless steel, for convenience and durability.

It is, however, the high performance of this spinning fishing rod that recommends it. Besides being lightweight, the rod is very sensitive and it will help you catch fish consistently, which is, after all, what most anglers are after. High strength and reliable action are two of the characteristics of this fishing rod that must be mentioned.

The cone design front of the reel seat helps you feel the rod when the fish bites and it is also very comfortable for your hands.


Designed for catfish, bass, and trout fishing, this fishing rod is the perfect tool for landing inshore species. It is made of durable TC2 graphite material that makes it suitable for a wide range of fishing environments thanks to its superior sensitivity and lightweight design.

The light, sensitive blank in this fishing rod is built with a high strength plus the perfect action for live bait and lures. You’ll love how versatile it is for your fishing needs.

The light stainless steel guides are made resilient against chipping and corrosion. They deliver a smooth line flow and prevent heat buildup that can easily cause line breakage.

The non-slip cork tape handle provides an easy grip while enabling you to have absolute control while fishing.


According to one customer, attaching the reel is carried out through plastic connectors, and this presents an issue for the buyer. Otherwise, the whole rod is top notch.



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What is bass fishing?


Known by its more familiar name black bass, the target game fish in bass fishing belongs to a variety of species in North America. Bass angling can result in catching the spotted bassor Kentucky bass, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and Guadalupe bass. Today, bass fishing has readily transitioned into a multi-billion dollar industry.

From its humble beginnings in the 19th century, bass angling has made the black bass the second most desired gamefish in all of the United States. Modern bass fishing as a sport has resulted in the emergence of a variety of developments in fishing gear, with manufacturers trying to outdo each other to produce the best rod for bass fishing along with reels, lures, lines, electronic depth and fish-finding devices, customized bass boats, float tubes and drift boats.



Choosing the right bass fishing rod


The bass fishing rod or pole catapults the bait further out to entice the fish without driving them away due to your proximity. It also serves to capture the fish that bites the lure, effectively letting your hand feel the bite from many inches away so you have a feel of the bass on the hook, helping the angler tire the catch out so landing the fish is easy without getting the line broken and preventing the hands from getting burned during the battle.



The rod basically has a hollow core called the rod blank made of fiberglass, graphite or other composite material.

The best bass fishing rod features metallic guides equipped with titanium or ceramic inserts wound onto the blank at certain intervals in order to ensure consistent sending out of the line from the reel into the water. This also enables effortless line handling as the angler works to retrieve and do battle with the bass along the blank.



The handle can be made of cork or EVA foam. The reel seat enables attachment of a reel simply by insertion of the reel foot into the designated grove then screwing the foregrip down to lock into secure position.



The technique selection depends on the rod power and action. There has to be enough power or backbone on the rod to drive a hook into the mouth of the bass. Casting the lure farther requires correct action and taper.


Power & Action

There has to be a correct balance between power and action to ensure reliable hook setting, coaxing the fish out from cover and into the open water. Typically, a medium action rod provides longer casting distance and bows to a strongly fighting bass hooked awkwardly on the treble hook lure.


Choosing the right fishing lures


In order to be more effective at choosing bass fishing lures, one has to understand the habits of the fish. The best spinning rod for bass will only get optimized when the right kind of lure is used for the specific fishing situation.

The terrain has to be analyzed. When fishing in the cold of winter, slow moving presentation and slow moving baits are ideal. During the summer, one can fish along the shore early in the morning and from structures during the day.



Crankbaits are quite versatile and ideal when covering a lot of water. Usable in light vegetation, crankbaits are also ideal when fishing rocky bottoms, through grass and bushes and shallow flats. You want either lipped or lipless crankbaits with very visible eyes.



Spinnerbaits can be of the weedless or standard variety. This type allows quick coverage of a lot of water. The exceptional blade shape allows this type of lure to dive, weave through thick cover and be retrieved in no time.


Topwater models

Topwater lures are ideal when angling in very shallow or open water and shorelines, or areas with thick surface vegetation such as lily pads, stumps and grass . Designed to ripple the surface of the water, topwater lures cause splashing and popping sounds during retrieval.



Jigs are used when utilizing short-range pitching and flipping techniques rather than long distance casting. These types of lures offer quite an accurate feel on the line, attracting the bass with its plastic skirting.


Rubber models

Usable in much the same way as topwater baits, soft plastic or rubber lures are the most effective and also the most versatile thanks to their lifelike quality. Either weighted or weightless, rubber lures allow fishing in really heavy vegetation when fished weedless.



What Makes Bass Fishing Distinct?


Sports outdoors networks broadcast plenty of TV fishing shows that are oriented towards bass fishing. One can find bass anglers on virtually any lake, river, pond, slough or swamp that is accessible by boat. On any given weekend, you can also find bass boats behind tow rigs going up and down highways. Truly, bass fishing has grown to be an immensely popular sport in today’s age.

Emerging as the number 1 freshwater sport in the United States, bass fishing has earned a whopping 70 percent higher share compared to other types of fresh water fishing. Just go online and put in the words ‘bass fishing’ on the search field, and a huge 90 percent of the search engines will ping numerous types of bass fishing-oriented sites. The multi-billion dollar industry of bass fishing continues to expand every day.

Just why has bass fishing grown to be a huge sport phenomenon?

One reason it is so is thanks to how it develops those who care to discipline and dedicate themselves to the sport to become quite competitive on a professional level in the sport. Unlike other kinds of pro sports including soccer, basketball, football and tennis, one doesn’t have to be a top performer in the sport who can prove to possess excellent abilities to become a recognized professional.

Bass fishing is relatively different. One can become proficient in bass fishing the more they practice, the more time they spend on the water and the more they become familiar with the correct techniques to be used in the sport. It really helps when one has a coach or mentor to teach them the correct patterns, conditions, techniques, presentations, colors, right gear and more.

To become successful at competitive bass fishing, an enthusiast has to be able to dedicate themselves to learning everything about the activity, which will equip them with professional level skills. A person can become a consistent prize winner in bass fishing competitions with a high success rate in capturing bass.

Offering a wide variety of careers, bass fishing can open work opportunities in sales with the tremendous variety of products that bass fishing is associated with. One can also serve as a guide for bass fishing enthusiasts who need advice on the best bass fishing locations. In addition, tournament competitions present money-making opportunities for those with great bass fishing skills. One can also conduct lectures or make use of promotional opportunities or advertising that can also haul in the big bucks for those who venture into them.

The best thing about bass fishing is how it provides potential for forging closeness between friends and relatives. With the time spent in the water, companions can open up new avenues of communication not otherwise achievable out of the water. The shared excitement and feeling of accomplishment with a successful catch also cements relationships.



Products that are no longer available


Piscifun Portable Telescopic


Available in three different sizes, 7, 8 and 9 feet, this is a great fishing rod for casual anglers who want to have a bit of fun when embarking on fishing adventures. Because the rod is retractable, it is easy to carry around, so you will find it really easy to store in the trunk of your car and travel around. Even when you have to get off your vehicle and walk around until you can find a good fishing spot, this rod is very convenient because it is short enough to carry around with great ease.

The rod is recommended specifically for shore fishing. If you are on vacation and you want to enjoy a bit of fishing from rocks and reefs close to the water, you will find the Piscifun Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod to be quite a great choice. The best news is that you can fish for a wide variety of species, including, trout, herring, salmon, pike, snapper, picker and many others.

The medium/fast action of the spinning rod also makes it an ideal choice for beginners. The line weight supported is 4 to 12 pounds and the lure weight can vary between 1/8 – 1/2 ounces. Suitable for spinning reels, this is a great choice if you are looking for great quality at great pricing.

The rod is made of high quality carbon fiber which keeps its weight to a minimum. The guides are made of stainless steel and ceramic, which are also lightweight materials. The appealing design makes it a hit with many anglers who want not only a rod that does its job well, but also one able to look the part, so to speak.

The fishing rod reviewed here is very comfortable in your hand and it provides great grip so that it does not slip from your hand when you least expect it. You can successfully use the rod in freshwater and catch all the fish you want with great ease and minimum effort.



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