Top Barronett Hunting Blinds Reviewed in 2020


Best Barronett Hunting Blinds. Comparison & Buying Guide


If you are still searching for the best Barronett hunting blind in 2020, this buying guide might be just what you need. After assessing the market, we have concluded that the Big Cat 350 Hub is the unit that you should consider investing in. This device is 80 inches tall, and it has a large 70 x 70 inches footprint that is spacious enough for a hunter to feel comfortable in. Moreover, this product is said to be capable of housing no less than three hunters at a time. Because of this feature, you and your best buddies will be able to hunt and explore the unknown together. If the already described model is out of stock, feel free to check out the Big Mike Hunting as this is a highly appreciated item that you might also find fitting to your needs.



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3 Best Barronett Hunting Blinds (Reviews) in 2020


To help you find the best hunting blind by Barronet from the myriads of similar units that you can find up for sale, we have composed a list of products that seasoned hunters often recommend. So, read ahead and make an informed decision!


1. Barronett Big Cat Backwoods


If you want a product that is tall enough for you to place a solid and stable bow stand in, the Big Cat 350 Hub is a model that is worth your consideration. This device is worth your attention because it is 80” tall at the center and, as a result, it can be used when shooting while standing.

As a plus, the item features a 70” x 70” footprint that is wide enough for you to place your gear in without difficulties. Moreover, because of its ample dimensions, the hunt can actually house three people while still offering them plenty of elbow room.

In between uses, the device can be folded and easily transported/stored. In fact, the unit only weighs 19 lbs. As a result, it shouldn’t be challenging to carry it with you when out hunting. Another significant advantage of the model is the fact that it has large windows that supply the users with a good view of the surroundings.

Moreover, the windows of the blind are noise-free and, thus, the game won’t be scared away by the sound of you opening them. Furthermore, this product was manufactured using all metal hubs and solid fiberglass poles. Therefore, this model is quite sturdy and not likely to break easily


Buy from for ($184.99)





2. Barronett Big Mike Ground Hunting Blind


Another device that you might consider a good investment is the Big Mike Hunting. This unit features a five-tub design that is easy to set up and take down, and it includes a shoot through mesh that can help you take good shots while still staying under cover

Besides, according to the manufacturer, the model has a versatile window configuration. Because of this, the user can open the windows of the blind horizontally and vertically, which is a reason why many consider the model fit to be used when hunting by using bows. In total, this device has six trapezoid windows, and two efficient peek ones.

The material employed in constructing this device is durable, waterproof, and apparently tightly woven together so that the user is protected from the elements. Size-wise, this model is also quite large. Even more so, the product has a height of 80” and footprint of 59″x 59″. In total, the device weighs 19 lb. and, therefore, it is light enough for you to carry in your backpack while out hunting.

Additional features of the unit that you might also find practical are its durable design and its sturdy fiberglass poles.


Buy from for ($144.59)





3. Barronett Blinds BM01BB Pop Up Portable Hunting Blind


Another product that might also catch your eye is the BM01BB model. This unit is also quite spacious, as it measures 75” from hub to hub. Because of this, those using it have plenty of elbow room when shooting, which is a reason why you are prone to find it suitable for bow hunting. Moreover, the device is big enough for two hunters and their gear.

When packed, the model weighs only 19 lbs. and, therefore, it can be carried effortlessly in between different hunting spots. According to previous buyers, the device can also be fitted with a small propane space heater so that you are kept warm during the cold days of November and December.

Furthermore, it is also vital that you know that the product has big windows which enable its buyers to use a high-quality hunting scope. The product is also appreciated because it comes equipped with a bag that has a practical carrying strap. As a consequence, transporting it will be a piece of cake!

Lastly, it should be said that the only drawback that some users have noted is that the model is made using Velcro. Therefore, it can get a bit noisy and, thus, it might scare away the game if you decide to open the windows when the prey is near you.


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Buying guide


If you don’t have the time to read Barronett Blinds reviews, but you still want to know what features are important when shopping in this line of products, this following list of aspects can be of great help. So, keep on reading and see what the must-have features that should not be overlooked are.


Similarly to when purchasing a trail camera, one of the first aspects that should be on your mind when deciding on the best hunting blind by Barronett is portability. As you know, hunting implies quite a lot of moving. Because of this, it is necessary that you select a device that is light in weight and easy to transport.

From this point of view, our recommendation to you is that you opt for a unit that is not more than 20 lbs. in weight and that comes provided with a carrying bag. Even more so, if you intend to hunt with a friend, you shouldn’t have issues sharing the task of transporting the device.



Equally important, the size of the product should also be considered. Therefore, when making up your mind, do not forget to think about the dimensions of the model, as this can help you decide whether or not a device is suitable or not

For example, if you intend to hunt with a friend, you should order a product that is sizeable enough for you and your buddy to place all your hunting gear in it. Nevertheless, the model should supply you with sufficient elbow room so that you both can shoot without feeling uncomfortable because of the lack of space.

Besides, if you plan on hunting during the cold season, don’t forget to check out if the product is compatible with a small heater. This way, you can be certain that you won’t have to suffer because of the harsh temperatures.


Extra features

Last but not least, if the unit that you have decided to purchase does not feature shoot through mesh, it might be a good idea to invest in an additional hunting face mask, as it can keep you concealed from the prey. This way, your chances of success will be greatly improved.

What is more, before you place any orders, take a good look at whether or not the unit that you like can protect you from the elements. If the device that you have selected is not waterproof, you should necessarily also shop for hunting rain gear.



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