6 Best Simple Fish Recipes


Fish is a healthy alternative to meat-based dishes, but some people may shy away from the idea of eating fish too often because they believe that it is difficult to cook. The following simple recipes will convince you that you can put together fast and easy fish dishes completely hassle-free.

  1. Grilled sardines

This Portuguese recipe shows you how easy it can be to cook fish. For the dish, you will need eight gutted sardines, two tablespoons of olive oil, three cloves of diced garlic, one tablespoon of smoked paprika, the zest from half a lemon, a few sprigs of rosemary, and one finely chopped red chili.

Make a mix of all the ingredients, save for the sardines, and season to taste. Then add the sardines, making sure they are well covered with the mix, and let everything rest for several hours. Heat up a barbecue or a griddle pan and grill the sardines on both sides for a few minutes. Serve with lemon wedges, and add a bit of olive oil and smoked paprika for extra flavor.


  1.    Salmon Teriyaki

If you’re in the mood for a Japanese dish, this is one of the simplest you can try. While you may think that Japanese cuisine is overly complicated, you will see a different reality if you’re looking at this recipe. The secret lies with the sauce that we will show you right away how it’s done.

For the recipe, you will need four salmon fillets, half a cup of sake, a quarter of a cup of rice wine, a quarter of a cup of soy sauce, salt, and vegetable oil. As you may well expect, the Teriyaki sauce is obtained by mixing the sake, the rice wine, and the soy sauce. Salt the fillets, and cook them in vegetable oil poured into a frying pan.

Take the salmon fillets out and drain the fat from the pan. In the same pan, add the Teriyaki sauce and let it reduce for about 4 minutes, on medium heat. Now add the cooked salmon fillets, basting them with sauce, for two minutes. You will notice the sauce turning syrupy. Ideal combinations include rice, noodles, and salads.


  1. Poached trout with olive oil

You probably cannot get more straightforward than that, if you want to make a quick fish recipe, except, perhaps, putting on a fishing hat. For this recipe, you will need four trout fillets, olive oil, lemon wedges, and salt. Pour enough olive oil into a skillet to cover the fillets. The trick to making this recipe perfect is to bring the oil to a 160-degree temperature.

When the desired temperature is reached, slide the fillets in, and let them cook for about three minutes. Then take them out on a baking sheet, and use paper towels for removing the extra fat. Pour a bit of lemon zest over the fillets, and sprinkle some salt. Usually, this dish is served with lemon wedges for those who want to squeeze more lemon juice over the fish.

  1. Crispy fish

You can use different types of fish for this recipe. Mackerel is a popular option, but you can also use red snapper or salmon. The secret to this recipe is to let the fish fillets to chill into the fridge so that the skin becomes a bit dry. After you take the fillets out of the refrigerator, season them on both sides with salt.

Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan on high heat and then slide in the fillets with the skin down. Press with a spatula so that the fish skin doesn’t begin to curl. Let the fish cook for three minutes, then turn the fillets on the other side. Serve the crispy fish thus obtained with vinaigrette.


  1. Fish with spinach

Another recipe that takes less than an hour to make, this dish is delicious and easy to prepare. You will need about 4 fish fillets (red snapper, tilapia, sole, or cod), one cup of rice, two tablespoons of butter (unsalted), two cloves of garlic (sliced), one cup of white wine (dry is preferred), one can of diced tomatoes, one package of baby spinach, one tablespoon of tarragon (chopped), salt and pepper.

First, cook the rice. In a saucepan, prepare the sauce, by first melting the butter and frying the slices of garlic in it for about one minute. Right away, add the wine, the drained tomato pieces, as well as salt and pepper, according to taste. Let the sauce simmer for a few minutes until it thickens.

Meanwhile, place the fish with the spinach in a pan and into a preheated oven and bake them enough to make the fish opaque and the spinach leaves wilt. Now put the fish, spinach, and rice on plates and drizzle the sauce on top.


  1. Lemon butter fish

You don’t have to be a cook in training to get this recipe right. Get four fish fillets – at least one inch thick and creamy white fish is preferred - , three tablespoons of melted butter, the zest from one lemon, one tablespoon of paprika, one tablespoon of garlic powder, one tablespoon of onion powder, three tablespoons of olive oil, basil or parsley leaves, lemon slices, salt, and pepper.

Grab two bowls for mixing the seasonings separately. In one, you will mix the butter with the lemon zest and salt, while in the other, you must combine the other ingredients, except for the fish and olive oil. Each fillet must be pressed into each combination on both sides, to get perfect coverage.

Use the olive oil for frying. Heat up a pan over medium heat, and cook the fish fillets on both sides until they turn a beautiful brown color. Make sure not to overcook, as you will get a tough texture that will surely not melt in your mouth. As for what fish to use, regardless of what the landing net brings to the shore, as long as it has creamy white texture, it is a good choice.

The trick to making this recipe perfect is to dry the fillets properly before cooking. Serve with lemon slices, and parsley or basil sprinkled on top.



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