3 best Hawaiian fish recipes

Last Updated: 04.08.20


Fish is one of the most nutritious foods in the entire world and, consumed in the right amounts, it could prove extremely beneficial for your health. It can be prepared in countless ways from soups to stocks, fried, grilled or baked, and combined with almost all other ingredients from your local cuisine.

Not only is it healthy, but if you also plan to catch it yourself the satisfaction and benefits will be higher. All you need to get started are some braided fishing lines, rods and reels and maybe a good camera for ice fishing.

So, if you’re tired of the same recipes, we suggest you try the Hawaiian cuisine. This American state is not only famous for its breathtaking beaches and wild landscapes, but also for a delicious local cuisine based on organic ingredients, seafood, and fish.

So why not take your brand new fly fishing rod and reel and enjoy a relaxing fishing game in the islands’ waters so you can catch and prepare the freshest season fish?

Hawaiian fish with pineapples

For those who don’t know much about it, fresh pineapple is one of the key ingredients used in the Hawaiian cuisine. Its sweet flavor can be perfectly mixed with all types of meat, including chicken, turkey or fish in order to deliver a balanced taste.

For this particular recipe, you are going to need two large mahi-mahi fillets, 2 cups of lemon juice, one cup of drained pineapple chunks, half a cup of milk, and dried basil and thyme. It is effortless to prepare, and it won’t take more than half an hour to be ready.

Basically, all you need is to preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and put a baking pan with aluminum foil. Arrange the mahi-mahi fillets into the pan and add the lemon juice, freshly ground sea salt and black pepper.

Sprinkle with thyme, basil or rosemary (or a combination of these three) according to your taste. Add the pineapple chunks on top of the fish fillets, and pour the milk into the pan and not directly over the fish. Let it bake for 25 minutes or until the fish can be easily poked with a fork.

Serve the dish alone, with roasted potatoes or with a sauce of minced garlic and olive oil.


Tuna Poke

This dish can be served as an entree or a light main course, depending on your preferences. It is easy to prepare, delicious, fresh, and low in calories, which makes it perfect for those who are on a diet or watch over their weight. For 6 servings you will need 1 pound of raw tuna cut in chunks, 3 tbsp of soy sauce, 1 tbsp of toasted sesame oil, 2 tbsp of ponzu sauce (a Japanese specific sauce, it can be easily made at home or bought from local supermarkets), garlic cloves, one green onion sliced, Asian chili oil, chopped cilantro leaves, and about one teaspoon of toasted sesame seeds.

All you have to do is mix all the ingredients in a large bowl and add salt, pepper or lemon juice according to your preferences. Seve it slightly warm alongside rice crackers, but you can also use a garnish of pickled ginger and seaweed salad with a bit of garlic sauce on top.

Grilled Hawaiian Fish with papaya relish

Prepare your sharp fishing knife as you will need it for this delicious and healthy grilled fish dish. You are going to need about two pounds of specific Hawaiian fish (we prefer mahi-mahi, but you can also opt for a species of butterflyfish), some fresh cilantro, salt, and pepper.

The papaya relish consists of half a minced white onion, one diced red bell pepper, some more cilantro leaves chopped, one large papaya or two smaller papayas diced, fresh diced ginger, about 2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil, and about two more spoons of lemon juice.

Cut the fish into 6-7 equal portions and place them on the grill without peeling the skin. Additionally, you can remove the head and the tail before putting the fish on the grill. Let the pieces grill for around 10 minutes on each side.

Use a fine strainer to rinse the white onion and then soak the onion in ice for around 30 minutes. This will help you get rid of the smell and the spiciness but will still add a great flavor to your food. Add the onion in a bowl with the rest of the relish ingredients and mix thoroughly.

Serve one piece of fish on a hot plate and add the papaya relish on the side. Garnish with fresh salt and pepper and chopped cilantro to taste.



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