2 best fish recipes with coconut milk

Last Updated: 10.08.20


Fish dishes are not only light but also very rich in vitamins, nutrients, and proteins. Eating fish regularly will improve your immune system, help you stay away from diseases, will lower your blood pressure, and will promote a good vision.

Many scientific studies have also linked the regular consumption of fish-based products to a lower risk of neurological diseases. So get your rod, reel and icefishing fishfinder and start catching and cooking more of this wonderful source of nutrients.

The high intake of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids will increase your concentration, will fight brain exhaustion and will reduce the incidence of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer. And, when combined with the benefits of coconut milk, fish could only prove more delicious and healthier.

So, if you decided to change your dietary habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle, these delicious recipes with fish and coconut milk as the main ingredients will help you achieve your goals.

Fish baked in coconut milk

This simple yet delicious and healthy recipe is part of the Brazilian cuisine, so expect an explosion of flavors and tastes.

You’re going to need three pounds of fish fillets of your choice (preferably tuna, salmon or mahi-mahi), about three regular spring onions, the juice of one and a half lemons, one can of coconut milk, about two tbsp of green olives (optional), one regular tomato and another medium onion, as well as half a red bell pepper and three cloves of garlic.

Add freshly ground salt and pepper to taste and two more tbsp of extra-virgin olive oil. The cooking process is not complicated, so here is what you’re going to do.

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit and chop the tomato and the garlic. Slice the medium onion and the bell pepper into irregular bits. Warm the olive oil using a regular pan and add the cut vegetables and the olives if you decided to use them. Keep in mind that both the onion and the garlic can easily get brown, so don’t allow that.

After the vegetables are cooked, slowly add the coconut milk while mixing the composition. Only use the thick liquid on top and separate the remaining watery milk for later use. Add the juice of 1/2 lemon, along with fresh salt and pepper to taste. Use a high flame to cook the composition for about ten more minutes, stirring now and then until the sauce becomes thick.

For the second part, we suggest using a sharp bladed fish fillet knife to create equally thick fillets of your favorite type of fish. We suggest using fresh fish instead of frozen because it will taste better. Put the fish fillets in a baking pan and pour the sauce you prepared.

Cut the remaining spring onions into large chunks and sprinkle them on the surface of the fish, along with some lemongrass (optional). Cover the entire pan using foil and leave one side open to release some of the natural juices of the fish. Depending on the type of fish you used, as well as the thickness of the fillets, cook in the oven for about 30-40 minutes.

We suggest serving this dish using curry rice or toasted black bread.

Fish curry

This dairy-free and gluten-free recipe is one you should try for the holidays or a festive dinner.

Use your fancy telescopic fishing rod to catch fresh fish and add it to the recipe or buy about 1.5 pounds of fresh white fish of your choice. You are also going to need about 6 small onions, 4 garlic cloves, extra virgin olive oil, about one tablespoon of mustard seeds, a small chunk of fresh ginger, one green chili, curry leaves, a small can of high-quality chopped tomatoes, about 14 ounces of light coconut milk, chili powder, fresh coriander, and one tsp of turmeric.

Cut the fish into big chunks and let these rest for a few minutes with fresh salt and pepper on top. Finely slice the garlic, the small onions, the fresh chili, and the ginger piece. Heat the extra virgin olive oil in a pan and add the curry leaves and the mustard seeds. Cook lightly until the seeds start popping. Add the previously sliced veggies and cook on a medium fire for about five more minutes.

Combine the chili powder with some water and the turmeric and fry for one more minute before adding the coconut milk, the fish, and the diced tomatoes. Season to taste, boil, and simmer for another 20 minutes until the sauce is reduced.

Serve the dish with basmati or curry rice.



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