Kayaking is a challenging activity that will put your entire body to the test, along with your abilities to sustain effort and show quick wit. If you combine kayaking with fishing, you get a sports activity like no other that makes an exciting trip even more thrilling than you might expect. Catching fish while controlling the device the keeps you afloat takes a particular type of person. If you are interested in the best Kayak fishing locations in the U.S., here they are at a glance.


Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania

If you happen to travel to Pennsylvania, let us tell you about an excellent spot for engaging in kayaking and fishing at the same time. This river is well known for the high population of smallmouth, catfish, and panfish. And these are not the only species that call this river their home. You will find, even if in smaller quantities, American shad, musky, pike, and pickerel.

The river waters are well known throughout the state as perfect for crossing in a kayak. The Susquehanna River is a popular destination both for locals and among tourists who come here, especially in the summer.


Devils River, Texas

If you’re looking for a vacation where top notch accommodations and plenty of amenities catering to the tourist in search of cozy conditions, then the Devils River is not the right destination for you. That being said, if you are a novice, you may want to skip this altogether.

However, if you are well versed in kayak fishing, and you don’t mind experiencing the wild nature at its best, then, by all means, you should head over there and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime. The waterway is kept ecologically intact, which means there is little to no impact from the human hand. Go there if you want to catch some bass, carp, and catfish.


Shelter Cove, California

Another remote destination we recommend is Shelter Cove, nestled in the heart of California. You may know the place for the annual derby organized for kayak fishing enthusiasts, called “Gimme Shelter”. The event takes place in May, and there are around 200 people taking part in it every year.

The pristine location makes for the perfect setting for enjoying a perfect, low-key vacation. Numerous salmon, halibut, and rockfish can be found here, so there is plenty of fishing to do.


Caney Fork Watershed, Tennessee

If you’re looking for trout, you should head over one of the best kayak fishing spots in the country. This is where you will find a well-stocked fishery, where your chances to catch some trout are high. The trout run stretches over 28 miles, between Center Hill Dam and Carthage.

The cold waters are the perfect environment for bass, walleye, stripe, and other species of game fish. You will not have a moment of boredom while traveling to the heart of Tennessee if kayak fishing is what you like to do best.


Panama City Beach, Florida

When going to Florida, don’t forget that you can find here the perfect fishing spot while kayaking. That place is called Panama City Beach, and you may be surprised to find a high number of fisheries here catering to people who are into kayak fishing. Enjoy the scenic landscape, and make sure to fish your fill.

There are plenty of sea trout, flounder, and redfish, here, so you cannot miss catching some. Enjoy an excellent vacation while here, and indulge in a low-key experience, as the area is never crowded.


Chesapeake Bay, Virginia

You will find plenty of things to do in the Chesapeake Bay, if you travel here in summer. This is the perfect season for catching crappie and perch and the number one reason why people come here.

The Northwest River is rich in largemouth, pickerel, and catfish, but be aware that they are more likely to make an appearance when the waters are a bit colder. In winter, there is a fishing season for yellow and white perch.


Okmulgee Lake, Oklahoma

You can find plenty of fish to catch in this spot. What makes the lake such a coveted destination for vacationers with a taste for adventure is the stunning scenery. Besides offering you amazing nature views, the lake is the optimal destination for casting your line.

There are plenty of spotted bass in these waters. You will also find smallmouth and largemouth to be aplenty here. Embark on your kayaking adventure from the dock located in the east area. Because there are many campsites stretch along the shoreline, you will find no shortage of places to stay, if you want to enjoy a longer vacation.


Kona Coast, Hawaii

How could a Hawaii destination be amiss from this type of selection for ideal spots for kayak fishing? This place is known as the Land of the Giants, and, if that doesn’t sound impressive enough, get ready to learn firsthand how the Kona Coast earned its nickname.

Large tuna specimens can be caught here, and there are plenty of gray snappers, too. The area is a destination for tiger sharks, as well, so, if you are in for a real adventure, prepare to catch one such specimen. More seasoned anglers will find it heaven on earth.

Indian River Lagoon, Florida

Saltwater fishing and kayaking go hand in hand here, where the Indian River creates its lagoon. Located on the east coast of the state, it is a prime destination for catching redfish, tarpon, as well as speckled trout.

And there is more to the place than just fishing. While here, you will be able to enjoy the amenities and entertainment offered by the local campsites and the many attractions here.


Lake Guntersville, Alabama

With over 900 miles of shoreline, this lake presents many excellent opportunities for fishing and kayaking. People who are in search of an adventure will find it an ideal destination for turning their dreams into reality.

The Appalachians in the background make for an incredible landscape to enjoy while casting your line. The most popular fish here are largemouth bass but don’t be surprised to find plenty of catfish, crappie, and sauger, as well.


Deer Creek Conservation Area, Maryland

One thing you will surely appreciate about this area is the low-key atmosphere. To preserve the serenity of the place, local authorities forbid motorized boats from entering the area. That means that even novice fishermen can enjoy a calm vacation here, without any need to fight the crowds.

The waters are full of trout, bass, and other fish species that will complete an experience like no other. The reservoir is ideal for a family vacation, too, especially if you want to take a break from the trepidation of city life.


Pine Island Sound, Florida

The place is famous as a fishing destination, and it is considered one of the best in the entire country. 54,000 acres of land are under water, and they create the perfect conditions for aquatic life to thrive here.

The seagrass habitat houses numerous species of fish, and even sharks. The fauna is enriched by the more than 150 species of birds, and many small critters that make the feeding grounds for fish.



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