Ireland is one of the coolest destinations for fishermen, with its abundance of lakes and rivers, and, of course, the locals’ love and enthusiasm for this particular pastime. Don’t forget that throwing your line into the waves of the Atlantic Ocean is also a possibility. With various species of fish to choose from, you can rest assured you will get back home with a bucket full of fish. Here is where to fish in Ireland, in a nutshell.


Killarney Lakes – A destination for the entire family

Anglers who do not mind traveling to their favorite fishing spots with their families in tow will find this destination, nestled in the heart of County Kerry, a good option. The area caters to tourists, as a general rule, which means that you will get to enjoy more than just fishing.

There are plenty of eateries scattered all over the urban setting, and accommodations are comfortable and readily available. Bear in mind that you will need a special permit for dropping a line in the rivers in the area. However, lake fishing is allowed to anyone who comes here.

If you’re interested in what kind of fish is available, trout are the norm here. Come to the Killarney Lakes any time from April through September, and you will discover plenty of trout to fish.


Mullaghmore – Have a taste of Atlantic fishing

The harbor walls represent the best option for casting your line in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. While you may feel tempted to believe that only lake fishing and river fishing should be the norm in Ireland, some of the best Ireland fishing is done in towns on the coast of the ocean.

Here, in County Sligo, you will find Mullaghmore an awesome destination for anglers. If you’re not one to like dropping your line from the harbor walls, boat fishing is allowed. However, you must keep in mind that the season for boat fishing starts in July. For those wanting to hunt down sharks, this is an excellent opportunity.

This place is rich in fishing culture, so to speak, as there are many competitions organized throughout the summer. Trophy fish of half a ton were caught in this area.


Belmullet – For a stormy fishing adventure

Another fantastic destination for fishing in Ireland is Belmullet, located in County Mayo. The name of the place translates as ‘mouth of the mullet’. Shore fishing is a thing here, and you can count on catching plenty of tuna and shark if you adventure to the Atlantic waters on boats.

Be aware of storms, as this peninsula is entirely exposed to the power of the ocean. However, if a little stormy weather doesn’t bother you, you will find this place ideal for catching coalfish, plaice, bass, and turbot, to name a few of the species thriving in these waters.


River Boyne – History meets high tier salmon fishing

Crossing County Meath, this river is rich in salmon, and it is considered one of the best fishing spots in Ireland. The area is rich in history, too, so, if you happen to vacation there, be sure to check important landmarks, like the Hill of Tara. Towards its estuary, the river crosses fertile lands, and, besides salmon, its waters are home to plenty of trout.

One thing to be aware of is that the local rules in place can be quite restrictive. There is a ‘catch and release’ policy, and you will have to get a day permit to make sure you don’t have any problems.


Blackwater River – A charming place

You may not find an awful lot of Irishmen praising this particular fishing spot in County Cork, but you will inevitably fall in love with the quaint surroundings. Fishing can be done with the same success in winter and summer, as well.

During chilly days, you can hope to catch some roach and dace, while the summer weather conditions will allow you to indulge in all kinds of fishing, especially from the banks. Bear in mind to get the necessary license for fishing here.


Lough Derg – The land of the trout

Get here in late April, to enjoy catching all the trout you want. Just awakened from winter, trout are hungry, and they will feel on the population of local bugs with a ferocity and carelessness that will make them much easier to catch than in any other moment throughout the year.

The lake offers shelter to many large specimens of fish, and since the local laws specify that you should release any trout under 36 cm in length, you will go for trophy fish. If you’re looking for access points, the most recommended are Killaloe and Rossmore.


Aran Islands – For all the shark fishing you want

No one says that you need to stay on the continent to enjoy the best fishing experience in Ireland. Head over to these islands that are placed not far from the west coast of the country and enjoy all the shark fishing you want.

Besides boat fishing, shore fishing is an option, too. Since the islands are scattered all over the continental waters, you may feel like you are on a boat, while dropping your line from the shore. An interesting fact about these islands is that they are not very crowded, which means that you will easily find a low-key area to enjoy your fishing to your heart’s content.

Lough Muckno – Competitive anglers often come here

With so many fishing places to choose from in Ireland, you may be wondering where those spots are that organize competitions, as well. Lough Muckno, in County Monaghan, is such a place. Because there are many angling competitions held here, you need to keep in mind to check for available accommodations in advance.

Besides finding vacant rooms in nearby hotels, you must be aware that the access points for fishing may be closed to those who are not competing. On the bright side, the area is highly abundant in fish.


Rosses Point – A fishing area rich in history

Head over to Rosses Point, in County Sligo, if you want to hook a mackerel, a bass, or a sea trout, all species that thrive in the waters here. Besides being rich in fish, the area is rich in history, too. That means that you will enjoy a beautiful vacation here. There is a mausoleum dating from the Stone Age, and also a tomb where the remains of Queen Maeve rest.

You can fish directly from the beach, and you can enjoy charter fishing, too. Seasonal tours are organized for fishing skate, shark, or ray, from a boat. Not far from the shore, you will also find the perfect spot for fishing Pollack.


Strabane – Fishing in Northern Ireland

It would have been a terrible overlook from our part to not include one of the most popular fishing spots in Northern Ireland. Here, close to the border, you will find a crossing of four rivers that create the perfect place for angling.

Settled in the heart of County Tyrone, Strabane is a special place from many points of view. From trout to salmon, you can catch a large variety of fish here. Local contests offer opportunities to show off your angling abilities.



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